Why grind it out when you could be making a difference? @SRA_TAG

Guest post by Tim Johnson

Life is too short to be grinding it out at work just to pay the bills, yet the bills need to be paid and so the work has to be done.  We live in interesting times of increasing uncertainty and yet with it increasing opportunity.  Never before has it been easier to work from home to run a purpose led business.

Working from home has the benefits of eliminating the daily commute, and being more flexible to meet the needs of the family.  It also has its challenges as you need to set your own routines and it can be isolating if you are used to the bustle of the office and interaction that happens there.

Why purpose led?

When your business is purpose led, it means you are working for a reason beyond merely paying the bills (important though that is) and a reason beyond just your own personal needs.  When you do this you will feel more inspired, more motivated and no longer will it feel like you are just grinding it out till retirement/promotion/the next holiday/the new job.

Effectiveness first

When your work is purpose led it becomes easier to see through all the clutter, relentless emails, phone calls and to-do list that have a habit of taking over.  With that clarity of purpose, it’s easier to focus on what is important rather than what appears to be urgent.  When juggling work with family life it may be that the standard 9-5 hours, which after all was designed to suit the needs of the corporation not the individual, are not the best fit.  It maybe that getting up earlier and getting an hour or two of effective work before the day takes over, frees up flexibility for the school run and the after school activities later.  You can relax because you know the important work has already been done.

Efficiency second

The work place is steeped in “presentism” – it’s about being there and been seen to being there with early starts and late finishes.  But when you work from home it’s about results.  Tim Ferris takes this to the extreme in his book “The four hour work week”, where he encourages us to focus on the few things we need to be there for and systemise, outsource and automate the rest.  This takes time to do, but it is doable, where you can do your best work in a fraction of the time, and it the work will be better because you’re not stressed out about producing it.

What better example to your children than running a purpose led business from home, one that not only makes a positive difference but provides time as well as money for the family?

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Tim Johnson is the author of The Authority Guide to Meaningful Success: How to combine purpose, passion and promise to create profit for your business. Published by SRA Books as part of the Authority Guides series of pocket-sized business books. www.authorityguides.co.uk  @SRA_TAG


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