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[ 15 Nov 2018 | No Comment ]

By Professor John Hunter, Tharos
 Getting any product to market is a challenge but with scientific products there are added hurdles.
If your product is in medical equipment, food & nutrition, veterinary, health etc. it will need rigorous testing and supporting evidence to gain credibility with, and confidence from potential buyers a well as meeting regulatory requirements.
After many years of research and testing my company, Tharos™, launched Equinectar®, an enzyme-enriched feed supplement for performance racehorses.
The journey from getting the science right to raising investment has been a significant challenge. Let me …

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[ 12 Nov 2018 | No Comment ]

Written by Conor McArdle, Brighter Business
Work takes up a large slice of our time, but it has to fit around family and social life – and returning to work after parental leave can present some challenges, particularly if you are a business leader. For many new parents, there’ll be a spectrum of emotions to contend with, from excitement and nerves, to a tinge of guilt and dislocation. So, if you’re a new mum or dad preparing to return to work, you may want to think about putting practices into place …

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[ 4 Nov 2018 | No Comment ]

By Sudha Mani, Toastmasters International
We can prepare and practice an excellent speech or presentation but things can still go wrong. The positive news is that there are ways to handle most situations that will help you to continue with your presentation and get well-deserved praise or applause when you have finished.
An issue can arise primarily from 4 situations: technical issues, challenging audience members, those moments of brain freeze and the pressure of a Questions & Answer session. Let’s look at these in turn.
Technical issues
Even when you’ve arrived early to test …

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[ 2 Nov 2018 | No Comment ]
Business opportunity: Scholastic Book Parties

Company Name: Scholastic Book Parties
Scholastic Book Champions have access to sell a brilliant range of discounted children’s books from over 70 publishers from home, online, at schools, nurseries and home-based parties. It costs just £15 to sign up and you can start immediately, earning commission for yourself and free books for schools too!
Our Scholastic Book Champion roles are designed to be flexible and sit alongside your current work or home commitments – allowing you to work as much, or as little as you want.
You don’t need any experience – you …

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[ 25 Oct 2018 | No Comment ]

By Nigel Oseland, Toastmasters International
Some of the most challenging talks to deliver are technical talks. There’s important information to convey, that in itself may not be very ‘sexy’ and yet the audience needs to hear it and absorb it – without falling asleep!
I love going to conferences, dare I say I am a conference junkie, hence I attend and speak at around 10 conferences each year. The conferences I go to are usually academic or technical in nature where the speakers present their latest research, ideas and innovations.
In my …

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[ 21 Oct 2018 | No Comment ]

By Tiernan Douieb, professional comedian, NextUp Comedy
There are lots of reasons that comedians decide on having our unpredictable, financially unstable and socially inactive life. Mostly it’s down to being driven by an innate – albeit odd – need to get onstage and make people laugh.
Whatever your motivations, the challenge is the same: to earn enough money to carry on doing what you love while getting on with your life. I’ve got a 5-month-old baby so, for me, it’s supporting my wonderful wife and providing for our family.
However, in a world …

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[ 13 Oct 2018 | No Comment ]

Owning land and property has long been considered a worthy investment. But while land is largely out of reach for most people and property ownership is an unlikely prospect for younger generations, a whole new world of property and land ownership is occurring in a different reality – Virtual Reality (VR).
It was Second Life that popularised the monetisation of virtual land and other assets. The Second Life economy allowed users to get a job, run businesses and sell and lease property and other assets via the platform’s marketplace and in-game …

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[ 1 Oct 2018 | No Comment ]

Customers’ opinions only improve the development of certain types of products, according to Jan van den Ende, Professor of Management of Technology and Innovation at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM).
New functions or technology can be improved by customer opinion, but for products designed to suit the identity of the user, it can hinder their market success.
Van den Ende, alongside colleagues Marina Candi and Gerda Gemser, interviewed both the business and leading product managers of 132 recent innovation products to measure customer involvement against revenue and profitability.
Jan says: “Developing …

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[ 30 Sep 2018 | No Comment ]

As the possibility of a no-deal Brexit deal increases, what would be the impact on our telecoms if it were to happen?   Is it another instance of doom and gloom or are there any upsides?  Dave Millett, director of Telecoms Brokerage company Equinox looks at the four main areas where there may be impacts for businesses and consumers.
In 2017 the EU abolished all the charges previously levied by the mobile operators for roaming calls and data within the EU area.  Should the UK leave the EU on a no-deal basis, …

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[ 28 Sep 2018 | No Comment ]

When I broke my shoulder in June this year, the reality of running my business and looking after two sons under the age of three, as a single parent, hit hard.  My company, Cause4, was just about to move to new offices, there were training courses and workshops to be delivered nationwide, clients to service, staff to manage and deadlines to meet.  On top of that, my sons and I were moving to a new house in a rural part of Norfolk.  Being told that I couldn’t drive, lift, or …