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[ 28 Mar 2018 | No Comment ]

If you have an office, then there’s a big shopping list of items that you will need to buy. As well as the tables and chairs, every office should have the following items.
Printers and Scanners
Although you may feel like you want to be a modern, paperless office – you’ll probably need to print out some forms. This is something that you might not think about until you really need it, and then you have no choice but to pay a premium.
You can pick up printers and scanners quite cheaply, so …

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[ 17 Jan 2018 | No Comment ]

More and more small businesses are turning to Paralegals to help with a variety of legal issues. According to Amanda Hamilton, Chief Executive of NALP, most Paralegals offer a great service, at a fraction of the cost of a solicitor or barrister, but it is still worth checking that you are using a registered practitioner.  Here is her advice on how to check:

If they do not work for a solicitor or barrister, then you should ensure that they are a member of a professional body such as NALP (National Association …

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[ 10 Jan 2018 | No Comment ]

Is your website delivering the customers you hoped it would? No? Then Tim Butler, Founder of Innovation Visual says you need to action these 10 steps to boost its performance:
Know your numbers
How many visitors does your website get every month? How many leads does it generate?
Are people filling out contact forms and clicking on phone numbers? Without having access to the correct information, you will be completely in the dark and won’t know how many real potential customers are on your website and how well your website converts.
Improve your search …

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[ 8 Jan 2018 | No Comment ]

Have you recently started a brand new business, or perhaps you’re still in the planning phase and getting ready to open the doors to your new venture? Are you looking for tips and advice on how to ensure you take every step possible to guarantee the success of your new business? All too often, people focus on the big things to aid in the success of the business, and while those factors are certainly important, there are also a lot of smaller aspects to be aware of. In fact, sometimes, …

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[ 3 Jan 2018 | No Comment ]
Human jobs that will be done by AI and robots in the coming decade

We are already experiencing the impact of AI and robots Here are some jobs that are likely to be transformed or eliminated completely by 2030 through the use AI and robotics

Entrepreneurs / Leaders – Instead of looking for human partners and employees, entrepreneurs might increasingly scout for the combination of AI systems that would match his/her personality profile and range of business needs better. One-person businesses could be more common as artificial general intelligence materializes – enabling the growth of fully automated Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAOs) which have literally …

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[ 16 Dec 2017 | No Comment ]

A perfect work-life balance is often touted as an ideal. Achieving it in all areas at the same time, such as family, faith, career, health, fun, and friends can be a challenge. However, you can make choices today that increase the odds you’ll achieve your goals and be successful in more than one area. Here are tips on how you can find success in both your career and personal life.
Set Your Priorities for the Long Term
You don’t want to live a life that alternates between “thank God it’s Friday” and …

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[ 15 Dec 2017 | No Comment ]

With the Christmas period almost upon us, many employees will be thinking of winding down. In fact, Office for National Statistics (ONS) research has shown that productivity reduced during the last quarter.
But for SMEs with tight budgets and a compact workforce, finding inexpensive ways to maintain employee enthusiasm and output is key in the run up to the holidays.
Here, the small business experts at AXA PPP healthcare reveal the top seven ways employers can help staff stay motivated and engaged right up to the big day:

Say thanks – Saying thank …

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[ 14 Dec 2017 | No Comment ]

By Elizabeth Gammie, Head of Aberdeen Business School, Robert Gordon University
The gender split of undergraduate and postgraduate students studying business related subjects at Universities in the UK is around 50/50 and female representation for entry level graduate jobs within the discipline also reflects this balance. However, in a similar vein to many of the professions such as law and medicine, as women and men in the corporate world progress up the career ladder the balance starts to shift in favour of men.
Failing to promote women to leadership positions wastes the …

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[ 1 Dec 2017 | No Comment ]

With millennials soon to make up more than half the total workforce and research showing that they are motivated more by improving the world than work prestige or big money jobs – how can small businesses attract and retain top talent?
According to Marco Barbosa, founder of eSolidar and one of Forbes top 30under30 Social Entrepreneurs, the answer lies in Corporate Social (and Environmental) Responsibility (CSR).
Here’s why:
A study by Bentley University found that 84% of millennials felt that making a positive difference in the world was more important than professional recognition.
The …

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[ 29 Nov 2017 | No Comment ]

As a business owner, you’ve probably heard a lot about the benefits of offering perks and unique advantages to the people who work for you. When it comes to deciding which perks to offer your employees, there are several awesome options available, all of which could make coming into work a better and more enjoyable experience.
However, it’s also a good idea to offer help and support for your employees on the practical side of things, such as offering them health insurance that will entitle them to private healthcare under the …