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Cover shot Life Without Coffee shows Do Afiniki Akanet "Coffee will run out, tea will grow cold, but a determined focussed mind always gets the job done."
“Coffee will run out, tea will grow cold, but a determined focussed mind always gets the job done.”

I’m writing this drinking a chai latte, but that’s not really relevant to Life without Coffee, just as the book isn’t realy about quitting caffeine. Life without Coffee is written by the inspiring Afiniki Akanet, a mother, doctor and entrepreneur – who also has two other books under her belt. It is a personal manifesto, written for anyone who has ever said, “I don’t know how you do it.” In the book, Afiniki sets out her own personal values, and leaves space for the reader to reflect on what this means for them.

Some of the strongest parts of the book are where Afiniki shares real life experiences and examples from her own life: it is easier to learn more from these personal stories than from other parts where she simply explains her outlook on life.

Afiniki doesn’t drink coffee or alcohol, and she explains how this meant she had to find her own coping strategies as a medical student and junior doctor and more recently as a parent. She says herself, though, that it doesn’t matter if you drink coffee or not.

This book is for anyone who wants a great example of how to set goals and achieve them. Unlike many ‘lifestyle gurus’, though, Afiniki doesn’t advocate just living for today, nor chasing after excitement. Instead she says, “Life should be an adventure of growing, giving and building.”

Life without Coffee costs around £4 on kindle at time of writing.


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