Create your own 30 Day Better Sleep Plan

Improving sleep has just got easier with the launch of a brand new, expert-driven, self-help tool. With parents losing out on more than six weeks’ worth of sleep in a single year of caring for a newborn*, The Sleep Council has created The 30 Day Better Sleep Plan to help people wanting to improve their sleep and prevent more serious and prolonged issues.

The 18 question and answer format available on the website ( builds a downloadable tailored plan which people are encouraged to follow for 30 days using The Sleep Council’s sleep diary to track improvements. It covers everything from bed times to alcohol consumption to pre-bedtime routines.

Said Lisa Artis of The Sleep Council: “Caring for a newborn or having small children can massively impact on a parent’s night’s sleep and, while this is accepted, you’d be surprised at how quickly a minor issue can escalate into something more serious, such as chronic insomnia. We’ve designed this simple tool to nip problems in the bud and to generally improve sleep. We worked with UK sleep expert, Dr Chris Idzikowski, who provided useful feedback to us as the project progressed.”

The questions focus on a person’s average night and are suitable for most age groups. Perfect for parents, it is also a useful tool for stress heads, the elderly, young families and those experiencing a lifestyle change. It has been created for those who are starting to struggle with sleep, not those who already have deep routed sleep problems or work shifts.

Added Lisa: “As a parent, broken nights are part of the territory, especially for the first few months, for some, longer. Unfortunately it may lead to long term sleep issues but it is worth noting that this could be fixed with some minor lifestyle or habit changes.

“Even for those who don’t see improvements, following the 30 Day Plan and a completed sleep diary provides detailed documentation to give to a GP or specialist which will to help them diagnose and deal with the conditions more quickly.”

To create a 30 Day Better Sleep Plan, visit

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