Mastering The Transition To Your First Management Role #business #careertips

“The secret to winning is constant, consistent management” Tom Landry

Ultimately we all have to move into a management position if we want to keep progressing in our career. Much as we may enjoy the technical aspects of our work, management have the true responsibility for setting a company’s direction and strategy and so the final say.

The change from worker to manager is the toughest career transition to make for many people. This is especially so for people who like to be in control.

Your success depends on the success of your team, it isn’t down to you. There is no way that you can do all of the work that is now your responsibility, that is what you have your team for. You have to learn to delegate and trust others to complete their work.

However, this is much more easily said than done, especially as most likely you will have little or no experience in management. The great irony of this career transition, and the reason that many people find it so tough, is that is requires a completely different skillset to the one that got you promoted to manager in the first place!

Management is a learned skill. Accept this and expect to find learning it tough. Don’t try to figure it out yourself, unless of course you like to make things hard for yourself!

Equally don’t worry too much. This career transition is one that many, many people have mastered. Of course, it will take time and you’ll make a few mistakes but don’t despair you’ll get there.

Start with the basics and go from there.

The infographic below from Acuity Training, covers ten of the basic tips for first time managers. If you can master these you’ll be well ahead of the pack.



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