Balance At Breakfast: Juggling Work & The Kids

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Image source: PexelsEarly mornings can be a nightmare for working parents, especially when you never quite know what’s actually coming up ahead. Being a professional means that there’s only so many times that you can blame the kids for being late, before it starts to affect your work. Want to avoid the drama? Things need to change, now.

Prioritise Breakfast

Sometimes, it’s easier just to get the kids (and you) ready and out of the door, but there are so many reasons why breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Instead of throwing some slices of toast to the kids in a hurry as you race out the door, it’s important that you all have something hearty.

Of course, a proper breakfast takes time – something you don’t always have. Why not prep something the night before? If you don’t have time even for that, you can actually order your breakfast to be delivered these days as well, which is something of a lifesaver. Just make sure that you get yourself something, too. You don’t want your work to suffer.


Alternatively, see if your kids’ school or childcare provider can sort something out instead. It’s really important that they don’t miss out. Breakfast helps with concentration and performance. If you want things to be smooth sailing, you’re better to put a little bit more effort in first thing, to avoid even bigger headaches later on!

Hire A Nanny

If all this is just too much to handle, you could consider a nanny. Yes, this seems incredibly expensive, but if you’re already using some kind of childcare service, it could even out.

An au pair is often the best route to go down, typically young women will come from other countries, wishing to learn more about the culture in the UK, in exchange for accommodation and board. Of course, a small payment will also be required, but if you have a spare room, most of the payment will already be given to them in the form of something you’re not using anyway.

There’s plenty of information about this kind of arrangement online, and it could be a really great thing for your family. You get some help around the house, the kids get a new “big sister”, and you might all get to learn a new language as a bonus, too.

They can help with everything from the school run through to preparing the dinners at night – and it’s not as expensive as you might think!

Get Yourself Organised

If you decide to go down the route of doing it all yourself, getting yourselves into a routine will be absolutely key. It’s imperative that you get yourself organised, in order to be the best parent – and employee – that you can be.

If you’re a two-parent household, both of you need to be on board and helping out. Have set responsibilities and expectations for each of you, so nothing gets pushed to one side and out of the way.

Regardless of the size of your household, organise the day ahead the night before. Have school bags packed, gym kits washed, and lunch money ready so that you can be straight out the door. Set aside time for yourself by enforcing a strict bedtime every night too, so you can prepare for the working day.


Look, nobody said this was easy, so don’t be afraid to admit if you need extra help!

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