How to Minimise Distractions And Save Time As A Freelancer

Freelancing, and by extension, having the ability to work from home rather than an office is a dream for many. While it’s not the utopia that everyone believes it is, working from home can be extremely comfortable and productive if done correctly. It’s important to separate the wheat from the chaff – in this case, setting potential distractions firmly apart from everything that is going to make your working space a productivity powerhouse.

Is it easy? Not always. Freelancing will constantly require, first and foremost, a herculean amount of willpower to ensure that work gets done and interferences get ignored. But having the right setup and mind-set will go leagues to ensuring that your attention span is attenuated to things that matter – the work at hand.

Ensure your business framework is efficient

While this technically doesn’t count towards a physical setup, it’s of vital importance nonetheless. Having the bones of your business plan set firmly will eliminate the need for dealing with any administrative speedbumps during your daily tasks, slowing you down and eating up your valuable time. This framework varies from business to business but the basics are constant: have a working email address and functional website. If you look here, you can find what you need with regards to website building and hosting, plus a professional email address connected to your site. Much like matters of health, prevention is always better than a cure. A firm foundation from the get-go will save you having to deal with these type of issues later on.

Separate your work and play environments

One of the main problems with working from home is the temptation to procrastinate, lie on the couch and watch Netflix, or distract yourself with any number of other activities. Separating your work environment from the rest of your space will therefore help minimise distractions immensely. If you have a spare room in your apartment, turn it into a home office. If you’re not lucky to have that much space, create a home office nook that will function as a de facto office. And if working from home is just too distracting, then venture outwards and find a co-working space or library to work at during the day.

Use the internet as a tool, not as entertainment

Nearly everything on the internet is designed to be distracting. From apps to social media to news websites – every element and piece of framework is engineered to steal your attention. In such a sea of potential distractors, it’s important to use the internet only for things that will further your goals – research and email for instance – while eschewing all the online gaming and social media usage for later, when the working day is finished. Of course, this is easier said than done, but there are tools available which can help. Website and app blockers like Freedom can thwart distracting websites, meaning you can focus on the work that matters.

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