How Businesses Can Create Affordable and Luxurious Ways to Fly

When it comes to the most luxurious ways to fly, the main problem for many individuals and businesses is that they are also the most expensive. If you’ve got plenty in the bank then the top most expensive and luxurious ways to fly can be perfect. For companies running on a much lower (and more reasonable) budget, there are other ways to create a high-class flying experience for employees and clients at a much lower cost.

Group Charter Flights

Rather than booking a number of individual flights and even then ending up having to make a change, group charter flights with Fly Victor offer a good solution. The bespoke charter options mean wherever and whenever you need to fly it can be arranged for large groups of people, whether entertaining clients or heading out to a conference.

Transparent quotes, capped handling fees and no extra charges mean you can work out an option that fits within your budget while still enjoying a private, exclusive flight. For last minute requirements, empty legs flights may be preferred too, as large discounts can be found on one-way flights though only for what is available at the time.

Improve Economy Class

Flying economy class is the most affordable choice for companies, which can save a lot compared to business class or hiring a private jet. It’s still possible to add an element of luxury to the flying experience for your colleagues and clients with some tips to make economy feel like first class:

  • Put together a luxury travel package for everyone. It could include an inflatable pillow, slippers, sleeping mask and good quality toiletries.
  • Book the front row of seats, so everyone is sat together in the prime position.
  • Buy some luxury drinks and snacks in duty free, such as the alcoholic miniatures, which will probably be better than the food and drink onboard.

Additional Transport

The whole flying experience doesn’t just start and end when you step on and off the plane, it really begins as your journey does. Focus on making the trip to and from the airport luxurious as well. Rather than booking a minibus or large taxi, opt for a limousine for that extra special experience. If you’re going to change flights too, think about how to improve the waiting in an airport, by setting aside some money for the bar or upgrading to the business class lounge.

With a bit of planning and research, arranging a luxurious way to fly that will fit within a budget can be possible for many businesses.

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