New year, new home office

The pandemic has meant that almost 60% of the UK’s workforce is working remotely. More and more companies are seeing the benefits of this approach. This does, however, mean that you need the right working environment to get the best out of your day. Make your home office a hub of productivity and creativity in comfort and style. 

The most important factors in creating this space are finding a calm spot where you can concentrate and make calls in peace and quiet. Try your best to get natural lighting but if there is none available, make sure you invest in some decent lighting. The better the light, the less you squint and the less the light from the screen affects your eyes. 

Depending on which part of the home your office is in, your desk may have to serve multiple functions. If you are lucky enough to have a room that you can dedicate to being just your home office then you will need a desk that reflects this. If this is you, definitely check out Amazon who have various different options. Plus, with an Amazon new promo code, you can save money on their huge selection of home office furniture. 

If you aren’t so fortunate and, for example, your home office doubles up as a spare room, you may need to clear the desk off for visitors when they come. In this case, their folding computer table is perfect if you are short on space, no assembly is required and you just pack it away when you are finished. Various fold away options are available for less than £100. If you are looking for something a little more fixed, styles such as the L shaped computer desk are great to get the most out of your space. Or check out their Tribesigns Computer desk with it’s modern look of chrome and wood and it’s handy shelves to maybe place a plant or two to make your workspace more homey. 

An ergonomic chair is fundamental to protect from back pain that can come from slouching when sitting. Ergonomic furniture is designed for both efficiency and comfort by keeping the body in a safe upright position. Office furniture online has a fantastic and affordable range of chairs available. It is worth investing in so that you won’t have to invest in a chiropractor further down the line. 

A room with a view and lots of natural light is the ideal situation for a home office. Good lighting is essential to protect your eyes. When the lighting is poor it reduces your energy, strains your eyes, affects productivity and well, essentially is just depressing! Invest in some quality lighting. Some handy tips when choosing the right lighting for you are to avoid working directly under the glare of overhead lights. Try and diffuse the ambient light and this, in turn, should illuminate the space better. Those working on computers and other jobs that require a lot of focus, try and get a light dedicated to that one task. 

Now that you have the fundamentals sorted, let’s concentrate on your surroundings. Choose colours that soothe you, soft, comforting colours are best. Try a fluffy rug under your feet- Next have an amazing selection in various colours. If you don’t have the space for a rug, then a foam foot rest from Amazon is a great investment for under £30. 

Plants are an excellent way of brightening your office space. If you are not lucky enough to have a great view, get yourself some framed prints. iamfy has a great range of quirky and iconic posters to make your room unique. 

Invest in efficient and functional storage so you don’t lose those important documents and at the end of the day you can pack everything away. A clean work space is the sign of a competent worker. 

The NHS has some easy guidelines for working from home. Setting a routine is one of the top tips. Another very important one is to take breaks. Make sure you put a nice clock in your office so you know to stop every now and then, even for just 5 minutes, it also increases productivity. 

Remote working is the future so make sure your home office is ready. 

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