Business trip accessory essentials

Travel a lot for business? Here are some business trip accessory essentials

Owning a business can mean having to make business trips, sometimes very frequently. If you’re one of those business owners who finds yourself on the road (or in the air) a lot, then you’ll know how much of a pain it is to carry extraneous luggage around, how much time it wastes and how exhausted it makes you. It’s important therefore to take only what you need. This doesn’t mean you have to commit like a Buddhist monk to living a life of absolute minimalism, but it does mean taking only the essentials that are going to keep you productive and aid you with conducting the business at hand. Travel essentials aside, here’s looking at the must-haves in your suitcase whenever you make some miles in the name of money.


Your powerhouse for all things business (there’s a reason why the software it uses is called Office), your laptop is your office away from home and pretty much the most essential piece of kit if you’re gallivanting across the country visiting clients. It will allow you to keep in touch with your business back home, reply to important emails, manage your finances… and even allow you to watch a cheeky episode or two of Modern Family when you’re relaxing in your hotel room at the end of a long day.

Power bank

Since almost all of our gadgets are electronic, at some point it’s inevitable that their juice is going to run out. But while travelling it’s not always possible to find a convenient plug socket and leave your phone, laptop and Kindle to charge for a couple of hours. The solution is to bring a power bank. They’re available in different sizes, pretty inexpensive, and, depending on what model you buy, will be able to keep your gadgets juiced for at least another couple of hours, if not days. Check out Tech Radar’s list of the best power banks of 2018 for a comprehensive list of suggestions.

Business Wardrobe

Just because you’re travelling doesn’t mean that this a time to get sloppy! The way you dress is one of the most important indicators of how serious you are a business person, and can give off a whole host of nonverbal cues and set the tone for an entire meeting. It’s therefore important to always dress the part, and dress well. Investing in a quality watch from reputable brand – think Omega, Tissot, or Audemars Piguet – is a good idea as it says a lot about your mindset and business acumen. These days, even this calibre of timepiece is much more affordable online. Plus, a two-piece suit will keep things formal without going overboard, but if you don’t have the time or means to iron your clothes while on the road, Travelsmith’s wrinkle-free garments are a good option.

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