Greatcoat Films is a London based production company and is currently looking for people to feature in a digital content project being made in collaboration with eBay and The Guardian. This is a project which looks to explore approaches to motherhood in the workplace and how these are changing. For this particular clip we are looking to film a conversation between a woman who is about to return to work after having a child and a mother who either owns her own business or is able to work remotely. In this film we are looking to touch on topics of career progression, workplace politics, challenges women face in the workplace and the impact of technology on women’s positions within the workforce.

We are looking to hear from a wide variety of people working in a range of professional environments. Whilst the film seeks to explore some of the complexities of working life, the tone will generally be an upbeat and positive one. This is a great opportunity for freelancers to showcase their work on two very visible platforms and will consider how work and society are changing in the digital age. Check out the image for more details.

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