Health Issues on Returning to Work after a Baby

So you’re going back to work. You’re sorted. Baby is sorted. Partner is sorted. What could possibly go wrong?

Despite being an organised person, there will be times when you feel that those balls will simply not stay up in the air no matter how much you juggle!

Exhaustion. Have you been up all night with a teething baby? Does your boss who has a 2pm deadline care? Probably not. Exhaustion can make clear thinking very difficult. If you are doing a job that involves working heavy machinery, this can actually be a safety issue. Make sure you speak to your boss and keep yourself and others safe. If you have to work when tired, acknowledge to yourself you are tired and take extra care, or ask others to check your work.

Breast Leaking. If you decide to go back to work whilst still breast feeding, think ahead. By law your employer has to provide an area for you to pump and store breast milk. If you are just feeding morning and night, you may not need to pump.  However, breasts are unpredictable, and you need to make sure have a spare top, breast guards etc to avoid embarrassment.

Stress-related Illnesses. Migraines, irritable bowel and other stress related illness are likely to worsen in this first period of going back to work. Realise this and try to take steps to de stress. Find time to go to the gym or to jog to release all that adrenaline. Watch your diet and try to eat healthily, especially when you are on the run… constantly.

Don’t get trapped into thinking you must not like returning to work. For some women after having a baby, returning to work offers some daytime solace. A cup of tea drunk whilst hot!  A lot of women have good careers and miss that, so instead of feeling guilty, enjoy your work and you may start to feel a lift in your mood.

Advice given by Dr Elizabeth Kershaw-Yates, GP and one of the medical team at TheOnlineClinic:



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