SMEs name money management as a top reason behind poor mental health.

In a recent survey, instantprint discovered that 50% of business owners are more stressed now than they were in previous jobs, and 57% of female SMEs admit that they are mostly worried about their finances. This survey also revealed that business owners are so stressed that they are only sleeping around 3-4 hours a night.

instantprint interviewed a selection of business owners and discovered that many of their financial mistakes were made due to a lack of education when it came to money management. Are SMEs avoiding managing their finances? Is there a way we can make this less stressful for business owners?

To help SME owners reduce their stress levels and help improve their money management skills, instantprint has interviewed a selection of finance experts to create 10 simple tips.

Consultant in Behaviour Change & Mindful Business at Prime Decision, Natalie Horne provided three simple mindful exercises business owners can carry out during their working day, especially when managing finances, to remain calm. Could mindfulness be the answer to avoiding financial blunders from stressed out business owners? Natalie Horne discusses one of her simple morning routines to stay mindful says, ‘‘In the morning, before you check your email or do anything, stop and ask: What matters most today? Choose a single achievable action. It can be small, but something you are determined to accomplish no matter what else happens that day.’’

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