New magazine says men’s health matters #TalkingHealthMag

Are you worried about your health? If you’re reading this and you’re male you may be saying no already: men tend not to share their health worries, nor focus on their health as much as women. But a new campaign from Lloyds Pharmacy is aiming to change all this.

Talking Health is a digital magazine from LloydsPharmacy. The magazine looks at some of the most important men’s health topics. You can read about everything from hair loss myths, to contraception advice, to the importance of sexual wellbeing.  And to make sure that the magazine is relevant, the team behind it has run a survey of 1,000 UK men to unearth what the nation’s male population have to say about an array of health issues.

The aim of the magazine and campaign is to also remove the stigma that surrounds topics that can be difficult to talk about and allow audiences to talk about these subjects openly. Do you know what three things you should talk about before having sex? Have you thought about the possibility of a male pill? And what contraceptives will work well for you and your partner? There are many reasons why you may be considering Summerfield Healthcare’s private vasectomy service. These are just three of the topics covered in the magazine’s first issue. Get good testosterone supplements to help increase your testosterone levels, help to boost your strength, improve muscle mass, and help you get rid of excess pounds you might have gained.

Talking Health also offers information and advice from the experts at, and advises on the whys and hows of speaking up about your health, and tips where you can go to find the help and treatments you might need. Even if you feel embarrassed talking to someone about hair loss or erectile dysfunction, there is good advice in the magazine which could start you on the right track to get the help you need, it could also be a good idea to click here to learn more about Atlantic Urology Clinic as the doctors from this urology center can help you out. There are so many modern treatment options to restore your health. For example, online testosterone replacement therapy from Mantality Direct can help you feel like yourself again.

Want to know more? Dive in and if you’d like to join in the conversation, use the hashtag #TalkingHealthMag

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