How to Encourage Gender Diversity

By now, you’re probably well aware of the UK’s Gender Pay Gap. A government report revealed an average GPG of 9.3%, with only 11% of women employed by a company that pays women an equal or higher salary than men. That means 89% of women work for a company that pays women, on average, less than men.


The Gender Pay Gap cannot be attributed to one specific cause, but results from a combination of several factors like the fact that men are more likely to be employed within more senior roles and in higher-paid sectors such as the STEM field. Women are also more likely to work part-time, mainly due to family commitments, and many workplaces have a conscious or unconscious bias towards female employees.


How Can You Challenge the Gender Pay Gap?


Change won’t come from beating up business leaders … It has to be about finding ways to all come together to improve gender imbalance in the workplace. – Brenda Trenowden, chair of the 30% Club


It’s important for all employers, regardless of size, to consider ways of addressing any gender disparity. Being proactive about the issue can help establish your reputation as a progressive company that wants to guarantee the best working environment for employees of all sexes. Below, you’ll find some practical ways for promoting a more equal workplace:


  • Tackle Unconscious Bias. Being aware of unconscious bias towards female employees is the first step towards addressing the Gender Pay Gap. Managers and business leaders should receive training to ensure that decisions are never made based solely on an individual’s gender.


  • Offer Flexible Working. Many women, and some men, are forced into part-time roles because they also need to juggle care commitments and can’t work traditional hours. Offering flexible working, like allowing employees to work from home or outside traditional hours, means that employees can achieve a better work-life balance and meet all of their commitments.


  • Help with Childcare. According to the Government Equalities Office, two million people in the UK cannot work due to care commitments – 89% of these people are women. As an employer, you can help provide childcare or offer employees company-paid childcare vouchers so that those with childcare commitments can equally contribute to the workplace.


  • Provide Leadership Training. Leadership training can improve employees’ confidence to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to reach senior positions.



Learn more about the issue with Gender Pay Gap Reporting: What Your Business Needs to Know.


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