Are you and your family ready for your business trip?

Brits make over 7 million business trips every year. Going away from home takes organisation – not just for yourself, but also making sure that your family are ready too. In a study, 75% of travellers reported high levels of stress if they were planning to go away on business, and 50% of their spouses too. Work trips affect everyone in the household. The figures were particularly high if there were young children in the family. Here are a few things you can do to help you and your family get ready for your business trip.

Make a list of the daily tasks

Whether it is a partner, friends or family that are looking after your children when you’re away, it is helpful to make them a list of all the daily tasks that they might not consider. Think about the morning of a school day for instance – your normal routine may include getting P.E. Kits ready, preparing a packed lunch, putting dinner money in envelopes, or making sure homework books and permission slips are signed. These little things might be second nature to you, but they are easily forgotten by someone else, so write them down.

Get your car ready

If you are driving a long distance for your business trip, make sure that your car is ready for the journey in advance. Check the oil levels and tyres before you go, and make sure that all the headlights/brake lights are working as they should do. It is worth leaving an envelope in the glove box with your essential driving details including car insurance, copies of your MOT certificate and driving licence. Make sure that you have change in case you need it for parking, and check the travel directions before you leave. This can help to reduce your worry about the journey itself.

Leave emergency details

When you are getting ready for a business trip, make sure that you that you leave clear instructions of who to contact if something goes wrong at home. This might include the phone number for a plumber/electrician, or the number of your power supplier. It is a good idea to pin a list on the fridge of all commonly used contact details for schools and clubs for your children too.

Thinking about the little details of daily tasks and writing them down, can help you and your family prepare for your business trip. This kind of organisation will help reduce the stress for everyone whilst you are away.

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