4 ways to get up to speed on business topics as a mumpreneur

When you’re realising that you have a knowledge gap in places, it’s important to find ways to plug that gap. Depending on what the topic is and the knowledge that’s missing, there are different ways to better educate yourself. Some of them are free, others inexpensive, and a few require a significant investment.

Here are four ways to become a smarter mumpreneur.

Premium Video Courses

Learning from people who can show you how to do something or how to think about it is a great shortcut to making progress. As a business owner, you have no time to lose because you’re already likely doing too much every day.

Taking a Udemy course is a terrific way to take a British mum and turn her into an expert on a topic in no time at all. There are so many different video courses on Udemy now, that it’s difficult to find a subject that hasn’t got a decent course available. In fact, usually there are several professionally made courses to learn about a topic quickly, so you can pick between them.

The courses are divided into a collection of small, individually titled video clips covering a specific topic or sub-topic. You can work through one section of the course that covers the area that’s most needed right away and watch or listen to the other sections at a later date. This speeds up getting to the right information quickly instead of having to wade through a 30-minute video to find the nuggets that are actually required.

Udemy periodically runs steep discounts on their entire range of courses. When signing up to their newsletter, emails reach your inbox to alert you about a site-wide sale. Sales are frequent enough that mums can be frugal by marking the courses on a wish list and waiting for the sales.

Find Instructional Videos on YouTube

Learning from watching videos on YouTube is useful where the topic is visual. For instance, if you need to learn how to create a website on WordPress to save money on a web developer, there are plenty of free videos for that. Acquiring small pieces of knowledge to solve a short-term problem is also possible if there’s a video specifically on that topic.

YouTube is certainly a good first point to see if there is some free content worth looking at on the topic of interest. You can even use YouTube to grow your subscribers and followers using Famoid Instagram services. Be careful with instructional videos on there though. They tend to leave out the most useful bits in favour of putting it only in a paid course on a digital course site. It’s challenging to not lose too much time trying to learn one useful thing and taking in several other things that weren’t helpful at all, and then 30 minutes of your business day has gone.

Watching YouTube videos for learning is a good standby option when waiting in a traffic jam for too long, sitting at a clinic waiting to be seen or to take a break from your current activity. The trick with YouTube learning is to pick and choose. Also, find the quality channels with useful videos presented well.

Teachers Direct to Your Home

With a topic that you’re reading about but are stuck on particular details, you want to consider getting a tutor to help unravel the mystery. There are thousands of knowledgeable teachers covering hundreds of different topics that can visit your home to provide some paid tuition.

One of the largest UK teacher networks for home tutoring is Teachers To Your Home. They have many teachers who can agree an appointment to provide in-person tuition. While the topics might have more of an academic leaning, mums can certainly choose between tutors to find ones with relavantindustry experience. They may have both academic and non-academic knowledge that will be of use to them too.

Assistance from a Business Owner Who’s Had the Same Knowledge Gap

Networking with other mumpreneurs and business owners in the UK is helpful to learn from their experience. They’re often happy to talk about their triumphs and pitfalls. Where there’s a knowledge gap or you’re trying to do something that they’ve already succeeded in, but you haven’t tried yet, then getting their insight over a coffee in a café could make all the difference.

Never discount the value of another person’s previousexperience because it can save you from making serious mistakes in the future. Even if they weren’t successful, they may have sound advice on what to avoid. This might increase your own chances of success.

Do bear in mind that there are specialised platforms for learning different things. For instance, to learn to program a computer, there are sites just for this. Lynda, owned by LinkedIn, has video courses on many programming topics and other more general areas too. Be open to learn from different sources to cover all your bases.

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