Care at home or live in care?

Decisions, decisions, decisions; juggling various commitments and demands on your time can leave you feeling distinctly weary. Every day, you face a multitude of choices, some of which need you to think on your feet!

However, at some point in your life, you may be faced with one of the toughest decisions of all. One that requires your full attention.

Your elderly parent or some other relative needs help. They may not even be asking for this, but you know that decisions about their future are urgently required.

Emotional minefield

This is the sort of watershed moment that brings with it many different emotions. You could be concerned that the person you love is putting themselves at risk. Living independently is becoming increasingly problematic. Perhaps you are anxious that their mental health is an issue, as they are becoming isolated and feeling low due to struggling to get out and about?

For modern working families, dropping everything to spend every day with an elderly relative is clearly not an option. Nor is moving them into your own home. Particularly if they would resist that idea in a vocal and determined way!

Taking a decisive step towards getting help for an elderly relative can bring other emotions too. Including guilt and fear, at the prospect of persuading them to give up their independence and move into residential care.

The best solution for all concerned

Fortunately, thanks to Promedica24 there are excellent services available to support home care. If the need is acute, then live-in care is something everyone should consider.

What’s the difference between care at home and live-in care?

For some elderly relatives, regular visits from a compassionate and professional care worker from Promedica24 would be the ideal solution. Working with the individual or couple, the home care assistant would establish a pattern of support to meet their individual health and social needs.

Whether it’s simply a friendly face and a hot meal, assistance with mobility or help to keep up with hobbies, interests and outings.

When live-in care is best

If your elderly relative needs a more intensive package of help and support, then live-in care is a great way forward. This involves a warm, well-trained care worker spending time with them around the clock, to meet both their regular and spontaneous health and social needs.

Your loved one is still in their own home, surrounded by the comfort of familiar things. They will be encouraged to do as much independent living as possible, with the support of their care professional. Dignity, privacy and self-worth are all protected with person-centred live-in care.

If your special senior citizen needs this sort of vigilant care, imagine how much better you will feel too, knowing they are benefiting from safe, nurturing 24-hour support.

You can still visit your elderly parent or relative as often as you like and take them out and about. However, when you’re not available due to other family or work commitments, you can enjoy total peace of mind.

The best decision you ever made

The different options of care at home or live-in care available from Promedica24 can be geared specifically to the needs and preferences of your elderly parent or relative.

The team are always happy to help them – and you – to choose different service options, to ensure this is one of the best decisions you ever make!

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