Raising tomorrow’s leaders

No matter where you live in the world, one of the issues with modern education seems to be that we are not teaching our children to be leaders. Many parents in both the UK and the United States claim that we rely too heavily on technology without giving our youth the tools they need to think for themselves and to think outside the box. This is something which can never be said about schools like Maricourt Catholic High School because they have prided themselves on quality education from the very beginning and have even been recognised by the Bootle Education Committee as a group of educators who go the extra mile.

What We Demand of Our Leaders

If you look at the mission statement of Maricourt Catholic High School, you will see that their values are what we should be teaching students who will be tomorrow’s leaders. The mission statement says that this is a schoolwhere growth and knowledge, respect, love, and fellowship are shared by all.” In today’s world, being able to live in a multicultural societydemands that leaders are able to live and work with people from all walks of life. So many leaders are still living in the days of the cold war where other nations are deemed an ‘enemy’ and this has a trickle effect down to the individuals within that culture. Our world is in need of leaders with a broad worldview.

A Bit of School History

Founded in 1958 by the Sisters of Mercy with Sister Mary Magdalene as the school’s first headteacher, the students were originally all girls and they met for classes in the parlour of the convent. Then the Bootle Education Commission and the government wanted a more comprehensive approach, so the school was turned over to the trusteeship of the Commission. A few years later, in 1968, the government once again turned to what had previously been Mater Misericordiae High School (Mother Mercy in Latin) and asked that they be a comprehensive co-educational institution. Along with the Bootle Education Commission, a nearby closed high school was appropriated and became what is now Maricourt Catholic High School with a co-ed population. You can read about the school’s timeline on www.maricourt.net/news/60-years-of-the-school.

Today’s Headmaster

After a series of nuns from the Sisters of Mercy, there have been men serving as headmasters at the Maricourt Catholic High School. Today’s head teacher, Brenden McLoughlin has been an educator for 38 years and is sure to be remembered many years into the future for his “commitment to the ethos of the school,” according to C. Manning, the Chair of Governors. His dedication to leadership and his pride in the mission of Maricourt Catholic High School has not gone unnoticed in the community.

If ever there was an embodiment of what it means to be a true leader, it would be the 60 years of headmasters and headmistresses of Maricourt Catholic High School.

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