Review: Geomag

The summer holidays are flying by and they seem to have gone so fast. It is only a few days before my kids return to full-time education and it is never to early to start preparing for when they go back to school.

Learning doesn’t stop at school, it’s a continuous activity that helps a child develop and understand the world they live in. The key to encouraging a child’s growth is through mixed learning styles. School can be heavy in academic principles and can will give a child a good understanding of the methods and values of subjects.

STEM is an important part a child’s everyday life: K and J are enthusiatic about science and technology and often astound me with what they know. Much of it seems to have been acquired via YouTube, but we also like to do fun practical activities at home. These activities will help a child enhance and use a wide range of skills.

K has recently tried out one of the Geomag range of educational toys which encourage free-thinking, inquisitive play and enhance a child’s development – see below.  Magnetic toys are a wonderful way to play while exploring science and we have been collecting sets from Geomag for a while. Geomag opens the door for all children to explore science, creativity, and engineering, all before they encounter it in school.

There are many aspects of Geomag’s toys which support learning outside of school. Their magnetic toys are all about invisible forces. Their cubes and sets magically stick together through magnets to unleash a child’s creativity and imagination. Seeing gravity, understanding magnetic and mechanical forces and most important of all stimulating a child’s curiosity, creativity, and free-thinking. 

K has tried out the goal set, above. He is just 11 and has a good attention span and likes a challenge. This set was just right for him to do unaided without finding it too easy. It had a range of different games and set ups to build and play and is one of the better sets we have had so far.

The Geomag Challenge Goal £25 from Amazon is certified encouraging hands on learning. Construct the mechanical and magnetic set to create an amazing game. 

Push, pull, shoot to see who can shoot the cannon and score the most goals. It can be played alone, but better against friends or family.

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