Moving house? How to find a dentist that suits the whole family in your area

Moving house can be a big adventure, but brings with it a lot of challenges to overcome. When you are considering areas to move to, one factor that you should bear in mind is good quality dentistry.

An interesting fact about teeth is that whatever stage of life you are at, you are going to need your teeth. Ensuring that the area you move to has the level of dental care you are accustomed to may not seem like a top priority when you are busy planning for commuting,convenience, family and safety – but it should certainly not be discounted. Having access to high class dentistry can be one of the gifts that keeps on giving as you and your family grow in a new area.

The changing dental needs of your family

Depending on whether you are looking to start a family, already have children, or your children have left home, you will have wildly different dental needs. With children in the picture their happiness comes first, and a good dentist can ensure that their teeth will not cause them any unnecessary problems as they grow. Having a dentist you trust to solve any issues they do encounter, however, is not only essential for them, but it’s peace of mind for you too.

If you are moving with or to be close to older family members, it can be important to consider their own dental health needs. With age, the production of saliva slows down, and there may be other issues, such as wear and tear affecting the crowns of the teeth over the years. In this case it is important not to forget the needs of older family members too, and to find a dental surgery which is flexible to the needs of people at all stages of life.

Look online for dentists in your area

Since time is usually in short supply during a move, it can be wise to look up the areas you are interested in moving to and compare the best dentistry options between them. If, for example, you are interested in a family dentist in Balham you might consider Ten Dental – a great example of a provider who focuses on patient care. Many dentists’ clinics nowadays will have an active online presence to ensure as many potential patients as possible can hear about them. This will allow you to find the right prices and services by researching online on the clinic’s website.

Ask your current dentist for recommendations

If you are moving house and need to transfer to a new dental surgery, it can be a good idea to ask your current dentist if there is another one they can recommend in the area you are moving to. Even if you aren’t moving a significant distance,and feel secure keeping the same dentist, it can still be a good idea to update them on your move anyway. This way, you canask their advice on where to go for any specialist services that their own surgery might not deliver. Some dentists will recommend a specialist clinic that they refer patients toregularly, almost as if it is an extension of their own practice.

Whichever dentist you choose, be sure to go for regular check-ups, and always schedule an appointment if you find a tooth problem which persists.

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