Why Your Company Needs A Trained Fire Warden

Fire is devastating and can tear down a building in minutes. Picking up the pieces of your business after a fire is harder still. Therefore, having a fire gaurd from a New Jersey City Fire Watch Company who knows what has to be done in case of a fire could be the difference between your company being shut down or surviving.  Your company needs a trained fire warden for many reasons, here is why.

What Is A Fire Warden?

A fire warden is a trained member of staff who in the case of a fire, will carry out a safe and swift evacuation of the premises. They will also be trained in what can cause a fire in the first place and any potential risks in the workplace. This means they can minimise any risks within your company, keeping your employees and your business safe. All employees should have fire safety training, and having basic knowledge about fire protection systems is also important like Understanding the Difference Between Fire Barriers and Fire Partitions. But there still needs to be at least one trained fire warden in your company.

Why Is Having A Trained Fire Warden So Important?

Mainly having a trained fire warden is important as it will save lives. It is your duty as an employer to provide fire warden training and fire safety training to your employees. Failing to do so could result in imprisonment or a hefty fine, as it is against the law to not provide this. Although many people are aware that fire safety training is the law, many do not know they also need to have a trained fire warden present. The Fire Safety Order written in 2005 states that it is a legal requirement that all business owners have fully trained staff knowledgeable in fire safety. A fire warden can prevent and minimise fires and ultimately save you money in the long run, as rebuilding after a devastating fire can cost a lot of money. It’s also important to know the five critical things to do after a fire explained by Water Mold Fire Restoration.

How Do I Train A Fire Warden?

Many large cities provide fire warden training, Manchester being one of them. The company Fire Safety Training can provide appropriate fire warden training for your staff, by either coming to your headquarters or another location that is most suitable for you. This reduces costs, as it allows the training to be completed in-house rather than your new fire warden having to take a day out of work and travel. They also provide all training materials and resources needed to deliver effective training. The fire warden training takes just half a day and ensures your business is fire safe and complies with the law. Depending on the size of your company, the training can be provided for 2-12 people. For a small business, this is more cost-effective than paying travel costs for employees to attend training course elsewhere.

Maintaining fire safety in the workplace at all times is essential for your company and the lives of your staff. A trained fire warden ensures that, in the case of an emergency, evacuation is both safe and calm. They will also be taught how to minimise any risks within your business, hopefully preventing a fire from ever destroying your building or office.

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