Will Your Busy Family Home Ever Have A Sense Of Order?

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A home should be the one place away from the hubbub of modern life where you can relax and feel in control. But it’s not always easy. With a whole family living under one roof, it can often be hard to control the chaos. It’s no wonder you ask yourself if your busy home will ever have a sense of order.

With the warm February sunshine suggesting that spring has sprung early this year, could there be a chance to take a fresh look at your home? It doesn’t even have to take much time, money or effort…

Take it one step at a time

Meals to be prepared, kids to be bathed and that dirty laundry to be washed. It’s easy to see where all your spare time goes when the list of household chores grows. How do you find that order when you’ve no time to look for it? By taking it bit-by-bit, of course.

Start with a to-do list, and then try and tick one task off each time you get a moment. You can even begin with the easiest ones if it helps?

Time to declutter

Order and clutter don’t go together. British households have billions of pounds worth of stuff that’s doing nothing, gathering dust and getting in the way. Room-by-room or cupboard-by-cupboard – go through your clutter and do one of three things: throw it away, donate it or find a (new) home for it.

Don’t be afraid to be ruthless. If something’s doing nothing now, chances are it’ll do nothing later.

Add some light and warmth

Bring a breath of fresh air to your home – literally! Draw back your curtains, open the windows and allow the breeze to blow through and natural light stream in. Better still, use a stylish wall mirror to help create an even brighter, warmer ambience throughout the home for a more uplifting impact.

Write down and visualise it

If you don’t know if you’re coming or going, grab a pen or pencil and jot everything down. From to-do lists as mentioned before to meal planners, shopping lists and the humble calendar – find order by writing it all down and putting it somewhere visible or memorable so you can see what’s what.

You can find ideas and inspiration for bringing order to a busy family home in so many places. Even just a few simple alterations and tweaks can banish the chaos and let serenity return to your home.





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