Freelance Parents: Why Is Going Freelance Becoming More Popular?

It’s a hard balancing act. On one hand, there’s your responsibilities as a parent. On the other, it’s the demands of a full-time job. But it’s also a big ask to make the jump from regular paid employment to going freelance so you can fit work around your family. Despite this, there has been a massive rise in the number of freelance parents – particularly mothers – in the UK.

So, why is it now becoming more popular for parents to work for themselves?

Flexible Hours

For freelance parents, a major benefit is the time you can spend with your family. You’re not bound to a rigid 9-to-5. Work around the school run or nap times – all the while enjoying more quality time with your child.

It also means you can shift your hours around during half terms and holidays. You may also be able to reduce your dependence on nurseries and childminders to take care of your little ones until you can get away from the office.

Job Security?

As a freelancer, it sounds strange to talk about job security. But think about it for a moment. You’re not at risk of being dismissed or made redundant. With an estimated 11% of UK women losing their jobs during pregnancy or new motherhood, it’s no wonder more mothers opt to go self-employed.

Sure, work can dry up from time to time as a freelance parent. But you’ll always have the potential to find new clients and customers – without the potential to be fired for putting your family first.

Choose Your Path

The idea of going freelance can feel daunting at first, but why not think about the freedom you get from being able to choose what you want to do? Hit the open road and become a taxi driver. Share your passion for exercise as a fitness instructor. Create hand-made gifts that other families will love.

Get out from behind the desk, escape the mundane office environment and follow your own path.

Financial Gains?

You should definitely weigh up the money implications of swapping a regular income for one that’s less certain. But freelance parents can also make big savings by working from home. There are no expensive commuting costs for a start, and your caffeine fix is right there so no costly coffee trips.

It’s not a decision to be taken lightly but working for yourself can be a rewarding way to strike the right balance in your family life. And these are just a few reasons why more parents are now going freelance.




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