The top 25 jobs mums are putting off

Three quarters of mums are struggling to find the time to plough their way through a string of arduous ‘life admin’ tasks, according to a survey by Well Pharmacy. Which jobs are on your list? I’ve ditched number 6 altogether but there are quite a few still left on mine!

1. Fixing something in the house
2. Going to the doctors
3. Having a hair cut
4. Booking an eye test
5. Tending to the garden
6. Doing the ironing
7. Going to the dentist
8. Posting a letter / thank you cards
9. Booking a smear test
10. Paying a bill
11. Switching to a cheaper energy provider
12. Picking up a prescription
13. Shopping for a birthday gift
14. Paying money / cheques into the bank
15. Writing a will
16. Remembering to take medicine
17. Cancelling subscriptions
18. Shopping around for cheaper car insurance
19. Dropping a prescription off at the pharmacy
20. Transferring money
21. Arranging life insurance
22. Booking a holiday
23. Joining the gym
24. Arranging travel insurance for an upcoming holiday
25. Cancelling a gym membership

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