Mumpreneur profile: Neha of Sonality

I’m Neha and I’m the owner of Sonality, a baby and children-wear company which takes personalisation to a whole new level. My husband is Dipe and we have a 2-year-old daughter called Mia. Baby number 2 is due at the end of May.

Sonality is a clothing company like no other. Yes, we’re fun, original and creative. But we also have a serious side which drives us to be who we are. Our core belief is that everyone is unique (especially kids!) – and we love the fact that from the day we are born we are individuals and that’s what makes life interesting – through Sonality we enable babies’ and children’s personalities to shine bright.

We launched Sonality in March 2019 and chose then name as it’s a play on ‘personality’ – on personal identity. I’d love to say it was all plain sailing but that is definitely not the case! Working full time, looking after a toddler, being pregnant and running your own business means stress levels are through the roof! That’s why I am very, very lucky to have a supportive husband who is now very involved in the business (whether he likes it or not)! Sometimes you question why you ever thought it was a good idea to start your own business, but it’s all worth it when you receive amazing feedback from customers about the products they bought from you!

Having your own business does make you aware that you need to have a work/life balance. When it’s your own business you can never switch off. That’s why I make sure to take time to spend with my family. Even though I am working towards a future goal for my family, it’s important to also ensure you live and enjoy the here and now because you will never get this time back. It can be incredibly difficult but it is definitely worth it.

We’re a very new company but we have big dreams. In 5 years’ time we want to be known as THE place to go to for premium, unique and totally personalised clothing and gifts. We want to be seen as the innovators in personalisation and the brand which pushes the boundaries of personalisation at scale.

So that’s a little bit about me and Sonality and now over to you. I hope you take a look at the website and create something that is really personal and meaningful, or just a cool design you and your little ones simply love.

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