How to adjust your workspace and become more productive

Source: Pixabay

Source: PixabayHoping to boost your productivity at home? It’s time to adjust your workspace

Working from home sounds like an absolute dream. Goodbye never ending commute! Farewell to overbearing managers and office politics! So long office etiquette! You work for yourself now and – within reason – answer to no one! Although working from home certainly has its perks, many people find that it’s not always easy to keep focused in such a comfortable and familiar environment. Whether it’s the TV keeping you distracted, the kids that need you, the neighbours mowing their lawn, something happening outside or the dog wanting to be taken for his walk, there is always something that keeps you from knuckling down and pushing through your workload.

But did you know that many people who work from home don’t have a specific workspace? If you’re struggling to keep your productivity levels high then creating a positive work environment could potentially help you. Whether you’re looking for web design in Birmingham or you’re looking for some new marketing ideas for your business, it’s always best to get your work space in order before you get started with anything big!

Here I’ve rounded up 4 ways you can adjust your workspace so you can keep your productivity levels high and work to your full potential. Good luck!

Choose your location and space wisely

You might not have a whole room that you can dedicate to your workspace, but don’t worry. Try to find a place in the house which has less traffic and is generally quieter. Avoid places like the kitchen or living room. Always opt for a location that has a window and make sure there is something pleasant for you to look outside during your eye breaks. It is also a good idea to hire professional painters like the painting dublin experts to paint your work area with a nice soothing colour such as green or even a very pale blue. 

Fill your space with natural light

If you’ve worked in a traditional office, you’ll know that the lighting is somewhat clinical and quite harsh. It’s not great for your eyes or your productivity, so now you’re working from home you can choose an area with sash windows that are double glazed and lots of natural light. It’ll boost your mood! When it gets dark, opt for soft, natural lighting from standing or table lamps.

Invest in a good chair

Back ache, shoulder cramps and even wrist ache; all these seem to be an occupational hazard when you work at a computer. So, to keep your productivity high, invest in a good ergonomic chair that will support your back and keep you comfortable throughout your working day. You should also hang oversized clocks to go on wall to easily keep track of time while working.

Try some light exercise equipment

We all hit a productivity wall at some point during the day, but don’t worry. Now you work from home you can easily combat it. Investing in some light exercise equipment and moving your body during breaks will help you to reset your mind and help you to refocus. Try some resistance bands, some light hand weights, an exercise bike or even a yoga mat where you can do some meditation or some stretching.

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