7 ways to boost productivity as a busy parent and entrepreneur

Being an involved and responsible parent while also doubling as the owner of one or more businesses can represent a significant challenge, especially if you’re not taking a multi-faceted approach to improving your productivity. Focusing too much on the business can take away from your ability to be productive as a parent. On the flip side, letting the kids distract you during work hours will ensure that you never reach peak productivity in your business endeavours. With that said, here are 7 ways you can create an environment and routine that allows you to be more productive as both a parent and an entrepreneur:

1. Get Better Quality Sleep

Getting a full 8 hours of high-quality sleep can be difficult for parents because kids tend to create sleep interruptions throughout the night. To make up for the fact that sleep schedules can often become unpredictable in the family setting, you need to ensure that your mattress and sleeping environment are conducive to optimal relaxation and comfort. You may want to upgrade to a foam bed like the Casper mattressconsider these options to buy a mattress online that will help you get the most out of your designated sleep time. Casper mattresses feature high-density memory foam and a proprietary Zoned Support design that evenly distributes weight to eliminate uncomfortable pressure spots. They also offer Hybrid mattresses that combine foam and springs for additional support, as well as an Essential mattress style that contains a double layer of foam.  

2. Use Detailed Daily Schedules

Once you’ve put yourself in a position to get excellent sleep every night, it’s time to build a schedule that will keep you productive throughout the day. Generally, it’s best to segment your schedule into 30-minute sections to ensure you’re not wasting time in between tasks. You can create two separate schedules that will be helpful – one for your business duties and one for your parenting routines.

3. Switch to a Healthier Diet

Improving your diet by opting for more nutritious meal components and cutting out junk foods will not only ensure that your family is healthier in the long-term, it will also give you more energy and creativity that will help you maximise productivity. Studies have proven that poor nutrition can lead to a reduction in energy levels and will affect your ability to make effective decisions as a parent and business owner. MyFitnessPal can help you track your diet, whether you are trying to lose weight or not.

4. Create a List of Goals and Objectives

Working diligently towards a list of short-term goals will ensure that your productivity is being put towards the right priorities. Ideally, you should try to create a list of daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly objectives, and then create schedules that allow for a sustainable and realistic approach to achieving those aspirations. Use an online schedule maker, such as the one from Doodle.

5. Work When the Kids are Asleep or Occupied

Nap time and play time provide ideal opportunities for entrepreneurs to focus on their business while the kids are asleep or occupied. Try to incorporate at least two designated nap times and 2-3 designated play times into your daily family schedule. Likewise, try to give your kids activities that won’t require much supervision or intervention, such as colouring in, dressing up, or for the older kids, browsing the web or watching a film. Look for ways to keep your kids busy and you’ll have no problem finding the time to be productive as a busy parent and entrepreneur.

6. Engage in Family Brainstorming Sessions During Car Rides

Daily commutes are some of the best times to let your kids participate in the direction of your business.  You’d be surprised at some of the innovative ideas and angles you can discover just by giving your children the opportunity to share their opinions. Plus, this is a great exercise for instilling entrepreneurial thinking habits, which could help them become successful business people in their own right someday.

7. Get an Early Start on the Day

Waking up early ensures that you’ll have an opportunity to prepare for your day and get a head start on your work-from-home tasks while the kids are still asleep. Conversely, sleeping in late can really hurt your productivity because by the time you get up, you’ll be overwhelmed with the process of getting the kids ready for their day at school or around the house. Being an entrepreneur and parent is all about utilising those blocks of free time when the kids aren’t around to actively distract you, and early mornings usually provide the best opportunity for that.

Parents can be some of the best Entrepreneurs

Ultimately, being a parent doesn’t have to slow you down in the world of business. In fact, having kids can be a motivating factor that inspires you to give every endeavour your all. Some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs are parents, so you really can’t use parenting as an excuse to not follow through. Fortunately, by heeding the tips given above, you can ensure that your family environment and daily routines will be conducive to optimal productivity.

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