5 Tips for Working Parents and the Work-Life Balance

It is not easy to be a working mom! Young beautiful businesswoman talking on mobile phone and looking at laptop while standing with her baby girl at her working place

There are several factors to consider when faced with your choice to work outside the home and maintaining your role as a parent. It’s a privilege to stay at home for some, while for others it’s essential to do so. The same goes for your choice to return to the workforce. The process of working and being a parent means tons of to-do’s, complications, and awkward scenarios.

More than fifty million Americans are balancing jobs and child-rearing. They are discovering that this is, indeed, a hard challenge. In fact, according to a study in 2015 by Pew Research Center, sixty-five percent of working parents with school degrees—who have better jobs and earning possibilities as compared to less-educated parents—reported that it was “very difficult” and sometimes “somewhat difficult” to meet the simultaneous requirements of the work-life balance. And the problem isn’t tied only to the United States; statistics are just as striking in other countries.

The problem is genuine and pervasive. For mothers and fathers coping with it day by day, it could seem overwhelming. Working while being a parent requires you to handle a limitless stream of to-do’s, difficulties, and also awkward situations. There is no playbook or very clear benchmarks for overall success, and honest discussions with managers can easily feel taboo. You might be labeled as “not focused,” a complainer, or even worse. 

Moreover, the issue of balancing work and home will persist for 18 yrs or more per child, without ever getting any simpler. As the years go by, you may continue to feel just as stressed as when you did right after family leave. Below, we provide five tips to help you with the work-life balance. This includes optimizing day to day tasks for the benefit of your family’s life. It’s also important to think about outsourcing important tasks of your life that are essential, such as seeking professional help for business, legal, or tax advice so that you can focus on other important tasks for work and family.

Obtaining Reliable Child Care

Bear in mind, these kids are used to you as a parent, so it is important to find a top-quality replacement. 

If you don’t have the benefit of family members or friends taking care of your children while you’re working, then be sure to research before you choose a child care or daycare provider. 

Make sure whatever daycare establishment you visit has an operating agreement for LLC to ensure it is a good quality business. Visit the establishment unannounced in order to get a very good feel for what happens when you’re not there. Your child will be spending a hefty amount of time in this type of establishment, so do your homework.

Make Pre-Planned Meals

Planning grocery store trips and a list of ingredients have never been so important now that you are a working father or mother. It’s important to choose meal ideas that are healthy in order to avoid the trend of TV dinners

There is only a small window within the evening, and everyone in your household is super hungry. Having easy dishes planned or prepped, also having all the ingredients you need on hand, is so essential for a pleasant and smooth and evening. It will save cash on take-out and will also give a better diet for the next morning. 

Crockpot dishes are also a lifesaver! Do the majority of prepping for your dishes on Sundays when the kids can help. This will also double as quality time spent together.

Put Together Things Beforehand 

Being on time for your job is a whole other topic in its entirety. However, we can all agree with the fact that getting things completed the night before will eliminate the morning dash and also will reduce the amount of anxiety that everybody feels in the morning. Pack your lunches, clean your kitchen, lay out your clothes and the kids’ clothes the night before. This will save so much of your family time in the morning.

Seek and Value Alone Time

You have an entire posse of people that constantly compete for your time. Your human brain will have a lot more strain coming from its use at work, meanwhile, everyone misses you at home. Even when you only have just twenty minutes per day or an hour a week, it’s important to renew yourself with some “me” time. Do the things you love and get plenty of pure oxygen.

Limit Scheduling on Evenings and Weekends

This might be challenging at first. You’re going to have a lot of constant “go” during the weekdays in order to just get to your job, so make it a priority to do a small number of responsible tasks during your weekends. A huge benefit of this goal includes more high-quality family time and can greatly boost your energy level for the week ahead.

Under the umbrella of work-life balance, it’s quite possible to have the normal symptoms of getting tired, being hesitant about your own performance and choices, and also view your life as an ongoing, high-stakes journey. But it does not have to be that way. Applying the methods above can gain you more calmness, control, and self-assurance. It can condition our ability to succeed at—and also enjoy—a life of working and parenthood.

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