80 ways for entrepreneurs to fight climate change

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Climate change is one of the greatest threats of our time, one that affects us all. In The Entrepreneur’s Climate Guide, the Finnish SME organization Suomen Yrittäjät presents simple methods you can use to tackle climate change in your business operations.

Taking the environment into account is not necessarily bad: it can be a competitive advantage and make you stand out. It can also be the road to better, more profitable business. The decisions of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) matter, because small businesses are often more agile than large ones when it comes to tackling climate change.

“One small solution can yield large results – even phenomena that change the world. These solutions do not necessarily require large investments and may even save businesses money,” says Taru Jussila, the communications director of Suomen Yrittäjät.

Suomen Yrittäjät is the national, non-governmental organization for 115,000 Finnish SMEs and their owners.

Empowering SMEs and their owners to take action

The Entrepreneur’s Climate Guide presents simple methods you can use to tackle climate change in business operations.

“Choose, for example, ten things you can commit to in the next few months. When they have become a routine, choose the next ten. Daily choices matter both at home and at work! The aim is to empower SMEs and their owners to take action on climate change in their own countries and with the resources they have to hand. We hope SME owners find it useful!” says Ms Jussila.

“We realized that there was not much advice written from this perspective, so we decided to make it available in English, too. The members of SME United are welcome to translate it in their own languages – all they need to do is to contact us. I’ve heard that they’re considering translating the guide in Norway.”

The guide can be downloaded for free at:


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