How much does it cost to own and run a car?

If you rely on your car for business or family life, you’ll know that it takes a big chunk of your income each month, but do you know just how much? Kwik Fit has carried out research across the country to find which city is the most expensive for owning a car. Read on to find out about the different factors to take into account when weighing up the cost of car ownership. You’ll also discover how your location plays a factor, and we’ll share tips on how to cut costs too.

There are many factors that come into play when considering buying a car. However, the usual question of “How much does the car cost?” or “How much will the insurance cost?” aren’t the only questions you should be asking yourself. You also need to consider the running costs. Kwik Fit researched the following in cities across the UK: 

  • Cost to fill a car petrol tank (average size of 55 litres)
  • On street parking cost as a visitor (per hour)
  • Parking cost as a resident:
  • Insurance costs: 
  • Car Servicing: 
  • MOT:

You may be surprised to find out that Exeter was the cheapest city to own a car in, while Birminham worked out the most expensive. What surprised me was the scale of the difference. Annually, in Exeter you might pay £867, whereas owning a comparable car in Birmingham would cost you over £2000 and the biggest factor in this is the cost of insurance! Follow the link to see how your city rates:

So what can you do to keep down the costs of car ownership. Here are 3 ideas to look into:

  1. Car share. Can you cut the number of journeys you take on your own. Whether you can team up with another parent to share school runs or find a fellow commuter who takes the same journey to work this could leave you quids in each week.
  2. Clean your car! Yes, seriously – but this isn’t about having a shiny exterior. Clear out all the junk you carry around with you in the car and you will save your petrol costs as your car will weigh less. offer exterior car accessories that may contribute more than you might think if you have a car full of clutter!
  3. Drive with the environment in mind. This is something anyone can do, and it can be as simple as accelerating gently and slowing down gradually. Read the tips on fuel efficient driving here and you can learn how to save fuel every day. Check out the features on your car too – mine has an eco rating which shows how well I’m driving!

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