Equipment to help you open your first restaurant

For many would-be entrepreneurs, opening a restaurant is a longstanding dream. What better thing could there be to share with the paying public than the gift of a fantastic dining experience? The restaurant industry is experiencing something of a boom at the moment, but there are certain barriers to entry for those looking to get started. Among the most significant are the fixed costs of the premises, and the equipment to make and serve food and drink at a commercial level. So what equipment do new restauranteurs need to invest in?

At the Bar

If your restaurant has a bar area, then you might find that equipping it adds several thousand pounds onto your overall expenditure. You’ll need ice machines, an array of taps and glasses, and, of course, a selection of appropriate beverages. If you’re serving wine, then you’ll need to be able to store it at the appropriate temperature, too: which, if the premises lack a cellar, means investing in a wine cooler. You’ll need to take payments at your bar, too, which means investing in a reliable, secure cash register.

In the Kitchen

Among the most important assets in your restaurant is the fridge and the freezer. The fresher your ingredients, the better they’ll taste. That means getting a supply chain worked out, and investing in equipment that you’ll be able to rely on. Of course, cooking apparatus should also be a priority: stovetops and ovens are both mandatory, as is anything that might be used in specific kinds of cuisine. 

If you’re opening a Chinese restaurant, you need a wok burner; if you’re opening a tandoori one, you probably need a tandoor. You should probably set aside several thousand pounds for the smaller items you’ll need, like pots, pans and ladles.

Of course, getting the washing done is just as important a job as actually cooking the food. Get it done quickly and efficiently with the help of a dishwasher or compartment sink.

On the Tables

A restaurant should create the right ambience, and for that you’ll need tables that are arranged and set beautifully. You’ll need cutlery for each table in your restaurant, and several more to space. Any condiments you’re laying out on every table should also be bought in advance. 

If you’re equipping your serving staff in uniforms, then you’ll need to pay for those separately – which is why many restaurants simply provide waiters with a dress code. Your kitchen staff, on the other hand, will need aprons, hairnets and chef’s whites.

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