Pop-ups, Instagram brands and activism: the future of retail as chapter sees it

Meet the founder who says retail isn’t dying, it’s just changing…and we must change with it

The high-street isn’t dying, it’s adapting, according to Christina Larkin, founder of chapter which aims to help female-owned, online businesses find a foothold in the physical world. According to research** over 80% of purchases made in 2018 were in real life, so chapter is taking the idea of bricks and mortar retail and flipping it on its head. Calling out to all women who miss the excitement, innovation and discovery of purchasing in-stores, founder is opening the doors to pop-up shops which will showcase brands that are not only female led, but also driven by ethics and sustainability.

chapter one saw the opening of ‘Women Who Give a Sh*t’: a four-week pop-up which ran from in November 2019, located in pop-up central: Boxpark, Shoreditch. Playing host to brands such as slow-fashion label, Olive & Frank, all the way through to Hanx’ vegan friendly condoms designed with her in mind, the mix on offer was anything but your typical store.

Christina’s mission is to make the high-street a female inclusive place – not just for shopping, but for selling: “When inviting brands to take part in our first pop-up, the three key things in my mind were always equality, ethics and environmental impact. Speaking to my friends, it was increasingly clear that they were extremely conscious about the way their shopping habits impacted on the world around them. People are no longer comfortable supporting massive chains where the transparency is nil and there isn’t a woman within miles of the C-suite. We want independent run businesses – mums who have families, sister-teams and a girl making jewellery from her kitchen table. I created chapter to support them, to empower them.”

Alongside being a fully functioning sales platform, the pop-up hosted a number of events and workshops throughout the four weeks. From ‘meet the maker’ days and product demos to fully interactive personalisation sessions, chapter will immerse you in the future of shopping.

“Our biggest aim is to bring women together and create an environment where it is easier for them to make informed, ethical and sustainable choices when shopping.” chapter one; this is just the beginning…

Visit www.mychapter.co for further details


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