Above and beyond – 4 simple ways to show your employees you care

It’s a simple fact of business that if you want your company to grow and succeed, you need a strong team of employees supporting you and championing your business. Of course, paying them a good salary and giving them all the benefits they’re entitled to are the fundamental duties and legal requirements as a manager and business owner. But if you really want your employees to thrive and help your company grow, then you’re going to have to step it up a gear.

Investing in your employees and showing them that you care is a simple yet effective way of improving employee relations and boosting morale. Wondering where to start? Read on for 4 simple ways to show your employees that you care.

Keep them safe

Provide a risk-free working environment for your employees by erecting signs – check out mysafetysign.com for the latest in health and safety signs – provide high-quality safety gear, ensure that your staff are up to date with the latest safety training and create an environment where your employees can air any safety concerns they might have. Conducting employee health screening every year will be highly appreciated by your employees.

Keeping your employees safe is the legal requirement of any business owner. When you build a business, things like safety reports and risk assessments should become second nature. It not only protects your employees, but they also protect you from facing legal charges should an accident occur. If you run a construction, manufacturing or mining company, it is recommended that you have a confined space rescue team on site in case of emergency.


Knowing that your door is always open, or that you’re just an email away is a great comfort to many employees. When you make it clear that you value your employees’ concerns and ideas you show that you value their input, and morale in the workplace is high. 

Recognition is key

Of course, it makes absolute sense to reward those who go above and beyond in your business. Whether they’ve succeeded in securing a contract with a lucrative new client, they’ve beaten their sales targets, or they’ve constantly excelled in customer service. However not all employees can match the targets and goals of their peers, which is why recognising even the most modest of accomplishments is key to showing your employees you care about them. Perhaps an employee has struggled with their confidence on the phones and they’ve shown a marked improvement. Maybe they’ve dealt with a difficult customer and prevented a formal complaint, or they’ve saved the business money somehow. Getting the call center and answering services you need is not as easy as one would expect as it requires business owners to go through the painstaking process of finding a good phone answering service that provides 24/7 service. Recognition, where recognition is due, is key.

It’s the little things

Believe it or not, you won’t have to spend a small fortune to show your employees you care. As much as they would all like a spa day or an all-expenses-paid trip, you can still show your appreciation in little ways. Supplying good quality stationery for them to use, providing biscuits, tea and coffee in the breakroom, good facilities so they can enjoy their breaks and allowing things like personal effects on desks. All these small gestures go a long way towards employee satisfaction and showing your employees that you care about their happiness at work. 

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