Simple ways to master the art of online retail in 2020

Perhaps you were a little disappointed with your end of year figures in 2019, or maybe you’re driven for even more success. But even if you currently sit somewhere in between these two ends of the spectrum in online retail, you’re surely hoping for big things over the next few months. Here are several simple ways to hone your approach to online retail in 2020.

Audit your sales channels

What’s been working? And what’s not been working so well? Are you making full use of mobile-first online ‘e-tail’ channels? If you’re still getting your head around the data side of things, then make 2020 the year you fully come to terms with all the knowledge available to you. As noted by McKinsey & Company, retail instinct and experience are being superseded by analytics, so now is certainly the time to get your head around  it, before your own brand is overtaken by the businesses that grasp the opportunity of data-driven sales.

Add to your story

Sticking with software, are you making full use of your website and social media channels? What are your competitors doing that you’re not? And what can you add to your story to truly engage with your audience? Although online retail doesn’t have the face-to-face personality of a shop or store, that doesn’t mean you have to remain faceless and distant. Things as simple as birthdays, new staff and products, and employee birthdays are worthy of a Tweet, and can add that crucial personality to any brand that’s otherwise missing.

Simplify your brand

Naturally, the longer you’ve been around the more you want to grow – that’s just how business works. But is everything you’re doing really having an impact? Could you reduce the number of products you offer, and subsequently streamline your offering? This year, ask yourself what your brand really is. If that doesn’t match what it’s become, you could certainly save yourself time and effort by keeping things simple and focusing on the core products that generate genuine profit.

Shop around

To maximise your revenue, you could even delve into a spot of online retail yourself and dig out the latest and greatest offerings available to online retailers. New services such as Source Mogul’s smart analysis of other online retailers can help you to sell the ideal products, at the most opportune prices. If you’ve been struggling with your software or ecommerce site for some time, one of the smartest investments you could possibly make would be an upgrade, or an entire new platform for business success.

Say thank you

Simple, effective, memorable. Our final point is to point out the common courtesy approach that can really make all the difference in any transaction. Taking the core elements of your standard email notifications, and making them more personal, consider the addition of a clever hand-written note when sending out your products – their impact can be astounding! If you don’t have time to write, then get creative and try something original. Just include gratitude, your customer’s name, and a personal touch that adds personality to your brand.

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