Parents in Business: Anna Parker-Naples

Anna Parker-Naples, 42,  is an award-winning coach and NLP Business Mentor, helping clients achieve success, visibility, transformation and recognition.

I realised that my purpose in life was to help others who also felt invisible having been in similar shoes…  I have experienced many personal challenges including bullying, being wheelchair bound and depression – all leading to a fear of being visible. Thanks to my personal development journey embracing Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) practices and mindset work, I defied the doctors to walk again, and also started to realise and release my own potential.

Since my transformations I have walked the LA red carpet and spoken alongside stars such as Ruby Wax on mindfulness, and won awards alongside Adele and Holly Willoughby for inspiring people to change their lives.

My mission now, having been on my own journey to get comfortable with being visible, driven by the fact that I know I have so much knowledge and experience to share, is helping other business leaders who are battling their own internal challenges, taking them from Invisible to Invincible! Sometimes this means dealing with Imposter Syndrome, sometimes this means actually helping clients identify what it is that is holding them back, for others it’s being that supportive sounding board, here to listen and guide, as someone who has been through it.

What has been your biggest challenge so far? How have you dealt with it?

When I was hiding I had become scared of showing people who I was, scared of being visible. For too many years, I realised that I was dimming my light to not outshine those around me.

I’d known since early school days that girls my age were often intimidated by my potential, and that felt painful and led to a fear of rejection. I pulled back and hid parts of myself and throughout my life I’d subconsciously played myself small.

However, the truth is that anyone can choose to be visible, seen and heard. I permitted myself to go full throttle towards opportunities with a sense of adventure – free from the fear of success, free from the fear of failure – and as a result I found myself on red carpets in Hollywood, I found myself on international stages as a headline speaker and I found myself a multi award-winning business coach and entrepreneur.

What has worked well about your business?

I love helping others to be visible and step into their full personal and professional potential! I’m on fire when I am helping capable entrepreneurs, creatives, coaches and speakers to work out how to stand out from the crowd and become an authority in their field.

To further my mission to impact globally, I recently launched my podcast ‘Entrepreneurs Get Visible’, which I was thrilled to see went to No3 in the iTunes charts for business, and No11 globally for business! I felt honoured to outrank business leaders including Tony Robbins, Marie Forloe, Gary Vee, Amy Porterfield and even my own mentor Rob Moore.

I am also a best-selling author after my debut ‘Get Visible: How To Have More Impact, Influencer & Income’ hit number 1 on the Amazon charts within hours of release! It even outranked books by David Walliams, Alan Sugar and Gary Vee…I never imagined I would be able to say that.

How do you fit in work with the family?

As a busy mum of three, I have found various techniques that help me to organise my time and also family life, I’m a lover of to-do lists, but they can quickly become overwhelming, so implementing a structure for my lists gives me more freedom and helps ensure I can balance work and family life.

I have also been flexible and adaptable and this has allowed me the opportunity to work from home for the majority of the time. For example, when I was in a wheelchair, my husband and I created a recording booth at home so that I could continue to be a voice over actress from home rather than having to travel when I was in pain – I now use this booth to record my podcast and also used it to create my audio book.

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