How best to survey employees working at home

Founder of Engaging Works and former Minister for Trade and Managing Director of Waitrose, Lord Mark Price reveals his dos and don’ts for surveying employees who are working at home. 

With businesses quickly adapting to working remotely and teams now connecting via video conference platforms, the need to assess how happy and engaged employees are has never been more vital.

Lord Mark Price has been in business for over thirty years and is an expert in creating engaged and happy teams. He comments; In recent weeks businesses and employees have had to transform how they work, it’s been a big upheaval which can have knock on affects with performance and happiness levels. A workforce which is happy and engaged is likely to be 20% more commercially successful compared to teams with unhappy employees, that’s why businesses are signing up for our new Working At Home Survey which enables businesses to evaluate and track their team’s happiness and engagement.”

However, Lord Mark Price notes that “it’s easy to get it wrong when surveying teams, especially from afar.” Lord Mark Price’s tips for surveying employees include:

  1. Frequency of surveys is important. We recommend surveying employees roughly once a month. At Engaging Works, companies can run surveys as and when they feel it is appropriate
  2. Ensure that your survey gives you instantaneous results. There’s no point in receiving data in two to three months’ time when It’s out of date. Any survey that you take has to have data that can be quickly analysed and then that leads to meaningful actions. Results are instantaneous at Engaging Works
  3. Real-time data allows companies to compare and act immediately, whether it’s comparing scores against the global average or industry. At Engaging Works businesses can access and compare the huge, rich global real-time data and then take immediate action
  4. Action is needed after surveying teams or individuals so ensure that you use a survey which provides methods to improve engagement and happiness. At Engaging Works we have a range of matrices which enable businesses and individuals to take action to improve their engagement and happiness, whether it’s job satisfaction, wellbeing, career development or empowerment

The Working At Home Survey can be quickly tailored to organisations and can include questions from the current Engaging Works Workplace Happiness Survey. The results will provide useful data and insights to help organisations maintain a remote but happy and engaged workforce. Questions in the survey include asking if employees feel that they are trusted to make decisions from home, have all the information they need, and if they are happy with the environment they work in.

In recent weeks Engaging Works has seen a 220% increase in requests for the Working From Home survey from companies who, in light of recent events, now have all or the majority of their employees working from home. Most businesses reveal that in the first one to two weeks of working remotely it is crucial that employees feel supported through communication.

At home workers can also join the online community at to share their experiences and making connections on the Global Hub – a place for people to share ideas and help develop their careers.  Engaging Works also offers free tools such as mentor matching and people can find information on development and training as well as an extensive business library.

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