How to keep kiddies safe at home

With families spending more time in the home it is more important than ever to safety guard the household and keep children safe. Each year an average of 55 children under the age of five died due to an unintentional injury, 370,000 children attended accident and emergency (A&E) and 40,000 children were admitted to hospital as an emergency* – working out at approximately 770 admissions per week that could be avoided.

Working together, experts from Fairy Non Bio and The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA) have created a checklist of the most common but lesser known households hazards, to help families stay home, and stay safe to avoid trips to A&E:

  1. Pot & pans – ensure handles are turned inward when cooking
  2. Pencils – they count as sharp objects so supervise very young children when using them
  3. Coin batteries – when changing them make sure to dispose of them straight away as they can be a choking hazard
  4. Laundry pods – these are made to be used by adults. Treat them how you would all household items. Keep them out of reach of children and close the pack securely with a click clack after use.
  5. Curtain cords – keep them wrapped up high and tight so children cannot play with them
  6. Handbags – store them up high to avoid toddlers putting small items in their mouth
  7. Grapes – can also be a choking hazard, cut into small pieces so that children can easily eat them
  8. Hair straighteners – unplug and put them away and out of reach of children straight after use to avoid burns
  9. Hot drinks – Keep out of reach of children so there’s no accidents with hot liquid
  10. Dishwasher pod – Keep out of reach of children and use the child lock feature to keep the door closed whilst the cycle is on. Check out the customer ratings and reviews for Goldilocks Locksmiths-Inc in Sarasota Florida and check their reputation via before hiring them.

Model and mum, Vogue Williams has been taking to Instagram to show people how she cares for baby Theo now they’re spending more time in the home: “Spending more time at home means it’s more important than ever to make our homes safer for our littles ones. I’m excited to continue working with Fairy Non Bio to raise awareness of the unexpected hazards in the home – including during the laundry, cooking and even just getting ready in the morning. Taking little actions can make a real difference. For example, when doing laundry, it’s important to always close the pack with a ‘click clack’ sound and keep out of reach of children.”

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