How to choose the best printer for your home office

Modern technology has allowed almost anybody to be able to set up shop and start their own business from the comfort of their own home. After all, laptops and smartphones have become a staple of most people’s home life, and they give you access to pretty much everything you need.

Well, almost everything. Unfortunately, technology hasn’t evolved to the point of installing printing technology into the majority of devices, so a printer should be on top of your shopping list when kitting out your home office. But when it comes to printers, how can you be sure the one you’re looking at will fulfil your needs?

 Here are a few handy things you should consider when purchasing cheap 3D printers.

Cartridge efficiency

Having a printer isn’t something we want to be constantly thinking about. People want to buy one and let it do its job, without having to tamper or fiddle with it too much. For this reason, it’s worth checking the page yield to see how well the printer you’ve chosen manages its ink and toner resources. Whilst having to replace the odd ink or toner cartridge isn’t the end of the world, it’s always nice to do this on a less frequent basis.

There’s also the option of going cartridge-less, by choosing a printer which opts for ink bottles instead. These can be supplied in much larger quantities, meaning fewer trips to buy replacements.

Connection capabilities

Simplicity is often the key to success. Having a printer which you can just plug in and connect to effortlessly will save you hours of frustrating setup time.

Most modern printers nowadays come with wi-fi capabilities but its also nice if they allow you to connect via Bluetooth and there are many portable printer scanner nowadays to choose from. By giving you options of how you can connect and print a document, you avoid the all too familiar dance of having to email a document to yourself and access another device which is authorised to print.

Does it scan?

If you’re signing a lot of documents, a scanner can be a useful bit of kit to making sure you always own a personal copy to refer back to. A scanner though, is another piece of equipment, and let’s face it, space can be a valuable commodity when it comes to home offices, especially as business starts to pick up.

So, it’s always nice to know that the printer you’re opting for has scanning capabilities built-in, therefore saving space and allowing you to have both useful admin feature at your disposal.

Does it print the size you need?

A4 is the most popular paper size when it comes to the office scene but it’s not the only size in town. Whilst A4 will work just fine for most businesses, others may need sizes which fulfil a more creative brief. If this is the case, there are several home printers which can do just that, printing a variety of sizes from A3 or A6.

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