Mum of five Jenna turns her business round to solve lockdown weight gain

If like the rest of us you’ve gained some Covid pounds during lockdown, exercise has gone out of the window and you don’t even want to discuss your diet then mum of five and life coach Jenna Ansar has a solution thanks to a pivot she has made to her business during lockdown.

With her main business as a fitness and life coach at Glam Fit Studios having dried up, and at risk of her income totally disappearing, Jenna has been developing other ways to support her clients, and indeed a wider audience, whilst in lockdown and as a result has produced an online programme which she hopes will help reset some of us and reverse some of the bad habits we have acquired since being housebound.

Having compiled research from her own clients she has come up with the answer of why some women are successful at certain diets whereas others fail miserably whilst trying to follow the same guidance – and her answer is mindset.

Jenna said: “Positive Psychology experts have advised for years that our mindset powers our success through all aspects of our life but very rarely is this applied to women’s weight loss journeys. I see so many women, mums particularly, cling on to faddy quick fix diets that leave us drained with no energy – then feel deflated and even more likely to binge eat when it all goes wrong. Having seen the power of connecting our psyche to the process I am keen to help more women make the transformations they desire – by getting them fit from the inside out. Once they can transform how they feel about themselves, their body, and food, they can achieve their fitness goals, but what they will also find is they have transformed their overall wellness thanks to improving their self care all round.”

Jenna’s new online programme MindFIT™ supports women through a combination of weekly online mindset training and accountability coaching calls, enabling a full mindset transformation in just 12 weeks.

Jenna’s mission is to show thousands of women that all it takes is the correctly trained mindset to implement long-term lifestyle changes.

She adds: “There are so many women wasting their time and money and not understanding the true reason their bodies reject these methods. It’s time to stand up to short term marketing ploys and start investing in self-care and nurturing our bodies. These diets don’t support our busy lifestyles and leave us with no energy and our bodies starving for food and from a fitness professional perspective they lead to muscle wastage and nutritional deficiencies meaning there is no long-term success and weight gain in the future is almost certain.”

Jenna’s aim with the programme is to release the pressure and negative attributes that come with faddy diets (self-criticism, do’s and don’ts, cheat days) to instead encourage positive relationships with food and exercise, providing mums with the results that really matter – increased energy, quality sleep, boost in serotonin levels, decreased stress and overall self-confidence. After completing the programme and with the use of supplements (you can check resurge reviews | does it work?) women reported huge improvements in these areas as well as an average of 7kg weight loss and 18inches lost in just 12 weeks.

With over 12 years experience in the coaching industry, paired with her own experiences of life coaching- something she has valued since the age of 21, having battled a turbulent childhood and post natal depression in her twenties, Jenna is driven by a desire to stop women just dealing with the surface problem of their weight gain and their solutions of fad dieting to bring more longer term solutions through a combination of fitness and mindset coaching.

After having five children in five years, Jenna completely understands the problems mums face after giving birth and adds: ”Your body completely transforms when you give birth and the mounted pressure to try and get “our bodies back” can be overwhelming. Once we accept that instead of looking backwards, we need to plan and set goals for the future our body can achieve things it hasn’t even obtained previously. Since having my children and hating PE at school I now have a body I love and six-pack to boot! Yes, I have stretch marks and lose skin like everyone else but most importantly I am happy and healthy for my children. Any woman sat doubting themselves will benefit hugely from this programme. It’s time us mums stood together and created positive body images our younger generation can look up to”.

Jenna’s top five tips for how to change your mindset around your food habits are:-

  1. Plan. Plan. Plan – Your meals, your snacks and prep time all needs to be scheduled in advance. Create a 7-day plan in advance and remain accountable to that plan all week
  2. Follow the 20 min rule – This is how long it takes for our food to digest and for the food hormone, ghrelin, to tell the body you are full. Hold off rushing in for the dessert or second plate – you won’t need it.
  3. Remove the labels we apply to foods “good” and “bad” and start by keeping a log of everything you eat. You can improve on a daily basis and don’t need to punish yourself when you’re just getting started
  4. Think “Food is Fuel” and always be in search of adding in those slow-releasing energy foods that keep you full for longer – e.g wholemeal bread, porridge oats, vegetables.
  5. Fill your cupboards with healthy snacks and spoil yourself with choice. Healthy food cannot be perceived as “undesirable” or the changes just become short term fixes.

Jenna’s MindFIT™ programme is available at

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