Finding Joy in School Runs: Uplifting book encourages parents to transform school run

Florence Ilumoka’s ‘Finding Joy in School Runs’ is a positive guide that will help any parent end the monotony associated with school runs, as they morph into an enriching experience that is exciting, rewarding and promotes powerful family bonding.

With schools being closed for the past four months, many parents have enjoyed the break from the “daily school run”; an experience that often involves traffic jams, a car full of noise and the perception that the chore negatively impacts mum or dad’s career.

However, as Florence Ilumoka has experienced first-hand, the school run can so quickly and easily become the most positive, uplifting part of the day – an experience that promotes parent-child bonding and can literally become the experience of a lifetime.

In her new book, ‘Finding Joy in School Runs’, Ilumoka unravels everything. This book was inspired by her personal life story which is a narrative about the challenges faced by every parent and guardian in the journey we all know as “School Runs”. It is full of interesting suggestions that will make everyone to change their common perception of the duty as “boring monotonous routines” to “joyful elevating memorable experiences of a lifetime”.

It also shares practical ways to stay positive and motivated as a parent or guardian and the author explains the connection between a parent’s joy and that of a child.

Florence says, ““I want every parent or guardian to reframe what the school run is, the opportunity it provides, and how important it is for a family,” explains the author. “It might sound foreign at first, but the school run is such a gift that we must learn to embrace. In this book, I teach you how and why.

“I wake up every day and jump out of bed excited about the school run. When my children are at school, the prospect of the afternoon school run is what keeps me going throughout the day, and I can’t wait for it to begin again. Anyone can thrive off this same mindset. I am so thrilled to help you transform your life in this way.”

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