9 Foolproof Tricks For Your First Workshop

If you’ve got your first workshop coming up, you’re probably very excited. However, you probably also want to give off a great impression and make sure you get some awesome feedback. You may have different goals depending on the workshop. You may want people to follow you on social media, sign up to another course or workshop, buy another product you offer, or something else. 

Whatever you want to achieve, you can get closer to your goal with the 9 foolproof tricks for your first workshop below: 

  1. Know Your Audience

Know the kind of people who are going to be attending your workshop and what they are likely going to want to learn or see. Make sure you have a good idea of how to approach them – better yet, ask what people will most want to learn or see. 

  1. Have A Structure 

Having a structure and using an agenda will keep you on track. Know where you’re going so you don’t get lost and stuck along the way. You certainly don’t need to plan every minute or second, but you should know exactly where you’re heading. Structure will help people to stay focused and orient themselves, too. 

You could do something like this:

  • On boarding and introductions
  • Vision, goals, agenda for the workshop
  • Rules and behaviour expected
  • Main topics to be covered
  • Offboarding – a recap, next tasks and steps
  • Reflection and feedback

You could even make the agenda visible throughout the workshop by writing it down on a whiteboard for all to see. Ticking the list as you go can create a sense of achievement, too. 


  1. Ensure An Accessible Location 

Having an accessible location will make you a more inclusive workshop and could make a big difference to your numbers. You could look into reliable Marquee hire but make sure you also consider how people with disabilities will attend, and whether there are transport links near your location. 

  1. Try A Few Ice Breakers and Energising Techniques 

Ice breakers and energising techniques can make a huge difference to your workshop attendees satisfaction with the workshop. This is especially important for workshops where people may need to work together. It’ll help them to get focused and comfortable with one another. 

  1. Have a ‘Parking Lot’ 

It’s easy to get lost in the details or get carried away talking about a topic and end up far away from where you were supposed to be heading. A ‘parking lot’ is a place everybody can jot down thoughts and questions for after the workshop. Including off topic information here will stop the workshop from getting off track, but ensure everybody leaves knowing what they need to know. You won’t forget to address something somebody has asked this way, either. 

  1. Provide Food And Drink

You don’t want people to go thirsty because they are afraid to ask for a glass of water. Make sure everybody is hydrated and that their blood sugar levels are good – this will get you better results automatically! You don’t need to provide a 3 course meal, but snacks and some drinks will go a long way to helping people to stay focused and on task. 

  1. Marketing and Promotion

You won’t have anybody to teach if you don’t work on marketing and promotion – it won’t matter how amazing your content is or how long you spent on it. Make sure you plan to spend a good amount of time on marketing and promotion so you can have a class full of attendees. 

  1. Make Sure You Provide ‘Take Home Value’

Providing take home value is a great way to round off the workshop. Send your attendees home with resources to look at. You can also email them a follow up email afterwards to see if they have follow up questions or anything else you can help with. This will further help you to enhance your reputation, and ensure that your workshop has done its job. 

  1. Upsell Your Services

Offer an incentive to your workshop attendees to encourage them to take a look at other services you offer. You don’t have to come across ‘salesy’. Newsletter sign ups are a good place to start if you don’t want to full-on sell your products and services to these attendees, but these people are already showing interest in your products, so don’t be afraid to ask. 

Now you should be ready to host your first workshop. You’ll learn a lot, and you’ll likely be able to take this forward with you to the next one! 

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