Free, online event for young people looking to get ahead in their careers after a rough year

Jimmy Williams, Cambridge-based businessman, owner of Urban Jungle insurers

STUDENTS and young people across Britain are being invited to a free, online careers event to hear from entrepreneurs and business experts on how to get ahead in the post-covid world

Generation Jungle aims to offer a gateway and a greater sense of hope and opportunity with entrepreneurs and business owners offering their services and advice for free in order to address these pressing problems.

The online event will take place on October 8, running from 2pm to 5pm, and will feature insight from entrepreneurs, training providers and employers on how young people can get ahead after a year of disruption. 

Jimmy WIlliams, CEO of Urban Jungle and Cambridge graduate, is amongst those offering advice on how to find employment in a tough marketplace. 

“I feel young people have been cast out into the wild this year and they need guidance and support like never before. It’s been a really tough year for young people, from the A-level debacle to the bleaker job prospects many face. But I believe there are still a huge number of opportunities out there, despite what you might have read.”

Topics under discussion include how to make money through self-employment and side hustles, how to gain crucial skills and take advantage of the ‘tech skills gap’, and what employers are really looking for in the 2020s. 

Other speakers at the event include: 

Simon Paine, co-founder and CEO of PopUp Business School, which has helped launch more than 7000 businesses and educated over 10,000 entrepreneurs around the world.

Carlene Jackson, founder of the rapidly growing tech company Cloud9 Insight and government approved apprenticeship provider Vantage Academy. 

Luke Mead, founder of LMS Group, who set up his company when he was just 15 years old and has now turned it into a multi-million pound enterprise. 

Ekua Cant, author of Be Your No.1 Cheerleader, serial entrepreneur, campaigner and senior adviser to business and civic leaders. 

Jaz Broughton, who coaches young tech professionals and entrepreneurs and partners with organisations including Enterprise Nation, General Assembly and Red Badger.

“Our speaker line-up contains a remarkable amount of talent, experience and knowledge,” adds Williams. 

“There are a lot of pathways to success and our speakers will be offering clear pathways to help  young people navigate the jungle. Whether you want to get a job, increase your skills or start up a business, this is the event for you.”

Find out more and sign up at:

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