How To Help Your Employees Adapt To Change

The world has changed this year; Coronavirus has turned people’s lives upside down, it has changed the way we live and work and many of these changes which will last forever. In your company, there will have been changes and maybe more to come which are out of your control, and as well as everything else going on around them, the changes in your organisation can affect the everyday lives of your employees and the work they do for you. Right now, there is undoubtedly a feeling of unrest for many of your employees, so to help them to adapt to what is going on in work, it is essential to follow these steps. 

Make Sure Your Employees Understand Changes

When people don’t understand the changes that are happening around them, it can result in resistance. While there is plenty of news and information available about new working restrictions and guidelines, you can’t assume that your employees understand the reason behind any changes you have made to the office or to ways of working. Take the time to explain to them what changes are to be made and why they are important.

Stay Positive

Your attitude is a significant factor in determining what the environment is like in your business and while this can be a very stressful and confusing time, it’s important to try to remain upbeat, positive, and enthusiastic. During difficult times, try to compensate your employees for their extra effort with reward and recognition schemes for employees and make sure you let them know what a great job they are doing. 

Provide Regular Communication

Communication between people, in general, has never been more important, and this is especially relevant in businesses now that so many people are working remotely. It’s still important that your employees are kept in the loop with what is going on and feel part of the business. It’s no good just telling your employees what’s happening once and be done with it; you need to keep your employees informed of what is going on every step of the way. Make sure that you are clear and consistent and consider how any changes will impact your employees. Remember that you won’t have all the answers, and that’s okay, either you can find them out, or right now all you can do is your best to make your employees feel at ease. 

Invest in their development

As the demands of the company and industry grow, employees are expected to do more too. However, they cannot be expected to step up if they are not given a chance to develop the necessary skills. Enrolling a staff member on a project management certification course or another relevant training module can work wonders. Aside from learning new techniques, they can become more proficient with emerging tech and software.

In addition to building a stronger team, it gives you the best chance of staying ahead of the curve. Moreover, the increased engagement and confidence within the company should lead to a range of significant benefits. 

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

Involve Your Employees

Make sure you give your employees as much notice as you can about what is going on because the sooner you involve your employees in the process, the better off you will be implementing the change. This way, you should be able to avoid gossip and rumours.

Keep Your Door Open

Having an open-door policy, even if this is a virtual one, will let your employees know that they can talk to you. This is not only good for them, but it’s good for you to know how your employees are feeling and what their circumstances are and this way you will know what personal and work issues need to be addressed.

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