Meditation for beginners a guide on how, where, what you need to know

Guest article by Antonia Harman, a leading healer.

You may be surprised to learn that meditation comes in many forms and it’s a lot easier than you may think?

The Dali Lama says

“Sleep is the best meditation”

Well that is easy enough. Are you getting enough sleep? How is the quality of your sleep? Can you make a few minor adjustments to improve your sleep?

Three easy suggestions that spring to mind are:-

  • Wind down screen free. Don’t spend your last 30 – 60 minutes before bed on your phone or watching telly. You could pick up a book or journal. Wind down.
  • Take a hot bath. As your core body temperature cools post bath you start to get sleepy, use that to fall asleep easily.
  • Don’t drink liquids an hour before you turn out the light. Of course get ample fluids in the day, just not in the last hour. If you do you may have to get up and pee disturbing your slumber.

So, what other forms of meditation are there?

Well any activity where you are present AKA mindful is a form of meditation.

So, what does that mean?

Well, firstly stop multi-tasking, it sounds great but in my experience I do several jobs… poorly. Do one thing at a time and do it well, without distraction. The distraction can come in many forms, it can be social media beeps, other people and even music. Music is awesome but if you are listening to music as well as doing an unrelated task you may find it hard to be present in either. However, music has its place.

Simply getting lost in uplifting music is a form of meditation. Listen to what you love and even sing along if you like? Music is hypnotic and nourishing to the soul so by all means enjoy!

Another form of meditation is walking meditation. Go to the park or even better a forest, take a break from your phone and explore alone. Mediation is about connecting to yourself so anywhere you feel happy and nourished can be meditation, being the in ‘the zone’.

Cooking can be a meditative practice, as can dancing.

If you want to try seated mediation here are my top tips

  • Don’t sweat it, you don’t need to clear your mind just chill. Closing your eyes and relaxing for a few minutes is enough.
  • It’s not about ‘Stilling your mind’ rather its about not following those thoughts down rabbit holes. You may think “what shall I have for dinner” that’s find just don’t start preparing a whole meal in your head.
  • Guided mediations are awesome. There are stacks of free ones on youtube the really help beginners and seasoned pros alike.

Mediation comes in many forms, do what you love, paint, write whatever you do that makes you feel happy can connected is perfect.

If you want to take it further and learn meditation hacks to instantly drop into stillness I teach them on my Level 1 class! See you there!

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