Strategic finance for recovery & growth – free seminar from Trinity Business School

Trinity Business School has partnered with Ibec, Ireland’s top business confederation in launching a free series of workshops and seminars for businesses to rebuild in the Covid economy.

The Reboot & Reignite series brings together top academics, business leaders and industry experts over a series of eight online workshops.

This session, which will focus on managing, renegotiating and acquiring debt/finance in order to reboot and reignite, will take place on Tuesday 20th October from 1pm – 2.15PM BST.

Joint with Trinity Business School, the session will be led by Geraldine Magnier (CEO of Indrio Analytics), and will feature business leaders Oliver Wall (Chief of Staff and Head of Group Corporate Affairs, Bank of Ireland), Andrea Linehan (Chief Marketing Officer, Grid Finance) and Kris Koik (CEO, Flender).

Geraldine Magnier, says: “The conversation with the panel will be about how companies can access finance and to look outside the traditional school learnt ways… We ought to start thinking unconventionally in these times for getting our hands on cash. Review the culture within the organisation around finance, how spending is not always an expense but an investment. So are we over empowering the finance dept? I believe that the role of a financial ‘controller’ should be financial ‘creator’ meaning that they are going out and actively getting a range of financial suppliers for the various cash needs or using FX to make money for example, instead of over controlling the purse and stifling growth… so we have to shift that attitude.”

You can register for the session here:

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