Simple Money Saving Tips During Lockdown

Saving money has never been more important than it is right now. Since the pandemic rocked our worlds and caused many of us to lose our jobs or struggle to work from home; a lot of us have tried to use the opportunity to develop personally and save. 

Today we want to focus on saving, and here are some of the best ways that you can save money at home during lockdown this autumn. 

Switch energy providers 

Now that we have more time at home, a lot of us have noticed a sharp spike in energy bills. The simple reasons for this is that we have spent more time at home since the spring and used more of our own resources. This can of course lead to a lot of money being spent on energy bills that is unneeded. Take a look at comparison sites such as USwitch this month and see what other providers are offering. Choosing a new provider might save you a ton of money ready for the cold season. 

Don’t buy gas 

If you don’t need to use your car, don’t. There is no reason to go out in your car at the moment other than the odd essential trip to gather supplies, so make sure not to waste a trip this autumn and save your fuel. The outlay of petrol and diesel can be a big one throughout the year so enjoy this time now when you don’t need to spend as much! 

Change your phone contract 

Your phone is likely a cost that goes on in the background of your life without you truly noticing. Every year however the prices of phone contracts will rise, and as such it is important for you to look around and spot deals. Take a look online and see if there are any introductory offers or deals with other phone carriers that you can take advantage of this year. You might be surprised how much you can find. 

Quit the gym 

If you have been part of a gym for this whole time during lockdown, now is the time to pack it in and quit. There is no shame in quitting the gym; there is simply no reason to pay for something you cannot use. There are countless ways to workout from home such as online classes and yoga and YouTube videos – so take the time this winter to utilise some of the free options out there. Some of the best ones we think are: 


Being stuck at home for months on end can get very frustrating very quickly and we know just how hard it can be to stay motivated to be healthy. But just because takeaways are open again does not mean you should spend all of your money on them! Instead of shelling out for a takeaway here and there; spend your free time making batch meals to put in the freezer. Pasta bakes, curry, chilli, lasagna and even risotto can be easily batch cooked and saved for future days. Not only will it make life more convenient for you, but it will ensure you eat nutritious meals throughout the winter. 

Save on heating 

Heating your home is something that will soon become an important part of your daily routine in the colder season. But before you reach for the thermostat every morning to keep the house warm – consider simply wrapping up and saving your money. The great thing about cooler weather is the ability to wear chunky sweaters and enjoy thick hoodies and dressing gowns – so before you spend money on heating wrap up and enjoy these things first! 

Utilise clever money hacks 

There are many ways you can save money during lockdown. From cooking batch meals for the week in one day to using less of our heating and electricity during the day. There are also important money hacks and tips to know about this winter. Whether you are about to try out a mortgage calculation for a new home or looking to save for your next holiday; every penny counts – and can reimburse you money for working at home. If you have been based at home for this whole time, you can claim money back for your bills! Try this this autumn and see how much money you can get back from your taxes. 

There are many clever ways to save money during the autumn and winter in lockdown, so take our advice and try out some of these things this season for a cheaper year. 

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