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I have a 10 year old son called Sebastian, he goes to a democratic school where the children are mentored to create their own learning journey and make decisions collaboratively about how things like how the budget is spent and what the rules should be. I would love more children to be educated in this way, it is great preparation for life and encourages creative thinking and empathy.

I came up with my business idea on a trip to the Alps last summer, I went there to meditate on what to do next in life. Before that I had been a circus performer for most of my adult life. I am becoming increasingly comfortable with who I am as I get older and the need to perform is ebbing away. At this point in my life the desire to be in service of a bigger purpose feels more salient. I noticed that a lot of people struggle with making the transition into parenthood: I wanted to offer something to help people to find the resilience and support they need to enjoy the parenting journey.

I launched last October, running courses for first time parents-to-be from my home. Inspiration stuck to write a book, I ended up going to the mountains again – this time Sierra Nevada southern Spain and got the structure down. The book is part auto biographical and is designed to be a creative workbook looking at different aspects of the transition to parenthood; navigating the shift in identity and lifestyle, practical information about baby neuroscience, how to bond with your baby and navigate the many choices you will face.

I love being able to do something engaging which makes a positive contribution to people’s lives.

It has been a long road to build the foundations necessary to offer something which has substance. I sometimes feel afraid and discouraged.

Simply offering a space for people to feel heard and receive a bit of nurture has been really satisfying.

My biggest mistake has been trying to franchise before I was really ready, I wasted a lot of money on legals. I have realised that I need to allow the growth of my business to be slower and more organic. Adapting to changing times.

Being a lone parent has made me very time efficient. I make the most of the little bits of time I have available. Sometimes this means making a choice to ignore the fact that the hoovering needs to be done! I have realised doing it all is an impossible goal, you have to prioritise the things that really matter. The precious moments of connection with your child.

Financially, by the time my son is sixteen I would like to be making at least £20,000 per year. He’s ten at the moment so i have time to be strategic.

I’m open to change, I also believe in the importance of commitment and being in it for the long haul. I like this Tony Robbins quote, “we overestimate what we can do in a year and underestimate what we can do in a decade”.

I haven’t yet had a made it moment, recently I have had some “this could work” moments. When I start to make some real money out of this I think I will have this reason.

In five years time, I would like to have completed my PhD, to be a well known writer and speaker, to be curating books and exhibitions which celebrate the work of parents who take a more integrated and holistic approach. I would like to be a go to person for people who want to focus on whole family thriving. In the coming years to deal with the environmental crisis we will need to shift our focus away from having and towards meaning and connection.

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