Making Your Business Covid Friendly

This year has had its challenges, and the new normal is here to stay for the foreseeable future, so now is the best time to make sure your business is covid friendly. We have some tip to help you get up to speed.

Put Rules In Place

The most essential thing we can do for our employees and customers is to keep them safe. Make sure you are adhering to the government rules and putting procedures in place to make everyone feel at ease when entering your establishment. Make sure your rules for staff and customers are displayed in clear view and don’t be afraid to challenge anyone who flaunts them. 

Keeping On Top Of Cleaning

Cleaning your place of business is a crucial part of the new normal when running a business. Although you should have had cleaning procedures in place pre-covid, the rules have significantly changed. Dedicate a member of your team to oversee all cleaning duties are up to standard. Go the extra mile when cleaning as you don’t want an outbreak within your business, leading you to have to close and suffer financially. Worst case scenario is when it’s typhoon season and your business gets flooded, sheer hard work from you and your staff would never be enough to clean your place thoroughly and restore the damages. Ease your worries because iDry Restorations is the solution.

Make Your Business Welcoming

Now all your rules are in place, you still want to make customers feel welcome. Make them aware you are still open for business by promoting yourself online, through leaflets and a clear sign outside to draw people in. Having clear signs about capacity and rules on wearing masks outside your establishment will make the customers feel like they can walk inside, knowing you have rules in place to keep them safe.

Become Cash-Free

If you are not already, now would be an excellent time to make your business cash-free. Many businesses since Covid have decided to accept card only transactions, this prevents germs from being transferred when handling money. Becoming cash-free can also make it easier when sorting your finances and tax returns as all your money will be in one place. If you are thinking of going cash-free, you should invest in an easy to use and good quality credit card reader.

Go Online

If you are finding your shop or office is too small to accommodate your staff and customer, you should think about putting your business online. Whether you are selling physical goods or a service going online can increase your customer base. Many people are turning to online to shop so now is the perfect time to invest in creating ot updating your website.

Put A Plan In Place

There is still so much uncertainty surrounding covid, so its good to prepare your business for another full lockdown. Restrictions and rules are constantly changing and it can be hard to keep up. Check the government website regularly, so you know where your business stands. Working on the current three-tier plan your business might be okay to continue trading through all three tiers, but in the event of a new lockdown plan being put in place by the government, you should create a backup plan which details how to manage staff wages, how to inform customers where to reach you if not in a physical store.

We hope this has helped you get started on making your business more covid friendly, remember to keep safe and follow the guidelines.

Photo by Arturo Rey on Unsplash

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