Are you stocking up for lockdown 2.0?

As we lurch toward lockdown 2.0, toilet roll and pasta seem to once again be reaching premium status as shoppers turn to panic buying before restrictions hit tomrrow. And online businesses that provide essential items such as food have seen their businesses take off. Gousto, the ‘meals to your door’ app reports that revenues have doubled this year and that it is now valued at £1bn.

But talking of essentials, there’s another product line that has also been stripped bare as consumers worry about not being able to buy basics whilst confined to home – period products. 

In a recent survey by WaterAid, more than half of menstruating women (55%) in the UK have experienced increased challenges in managing their periods during lockdown. 

14% have felt more anxious than normal about their periods. That’s a lot of women that are affected by ‘period pain’ in more ways than one. 

Yoppie is a leading provider of online period products by subscription. Yoppie has dug into the data to highlight the extent of the issue surrounding the problem of ensuring that tampons and pads are available despite restrictions on public movement and, it seems, panic buying that extends as much to pads as it does toilet rolls and pasta.

The Yoppie data says that women are turning to alternative ways of guaranteeing supply: 

  • The Google search term ‘Pads delivered’ has seen a 79% increase in the last 12 months, spiking in March and April during lockdown.
  • ‘Tampons delivered’ has increased in popularity as a term by 57%.
  • Traffic to the website was up 120% in the week after Lockdown 1 was announced in March.
  • Yoppie transactions were up 88% in the same period.

Daniella Peri, founder and CEO of Yoppie says “If you’re confined to your home and in effect told you can only shop for essentials and then face the fact that those essentials get sold out, it’s no wonder women’s anxiety levels over their monthly period are on the increase. 

“Popping to the shops at a time of need is no longer the straightforward option that it was and hence women are turning to a solution that ensures that their period products are delivered on time and in readiness for the inevitable.

“We have become used to buying takeaways and all sorts of consumer goods on the internet and my passion is ensuring that women now have a safe and reliable resource for period products that they can access online and no longer have to panic about – even if the world around them is panicking about stocking up with pasta and toilet rolls”.

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